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Sonic tunes on guitar (Archived)zimbolambo12/23/2013
What if there was a Sonic 3 and Knuckles Remake, but... (Archived)tmnt2012x110/5/2012
Game doesn't play! (Archived)NitroGamerSNES112/15/2011
New Sonic 3 and Knuckles Let's Play (Archived)chezweaslofdoom19/5/2011
Lack of Level Select kills this game for me (Archived)topplehat111/2/2010
Sega Vintage Collection (Archived)mjhundem17/23/2010
Is this another menu-gimped port? (Archived)Soap_Committee111/11/2009
I find it hilarious how obvious hackers make the fact that they cheat aware. (Archived)Ferret75411/3/2009
The score achievements are way too easy. (Archived)Ferret75410/8/2009
one thing about the wii port that i hate (Archived)SilverRocks01110/6/2009
glitch on carnival boss (Archived)Blue-Paper510/3/2009
HELP sonic 3 and knuckles lock on (Archived)Gamer8135310/1/2009
Can you play as Tails in single player? (Archived)DarkBalta_basic29/22/2009
Still no idea how to get over the max score? (Archived)kooper11329/21/2009
Anyone who still plays Sonic 3's races online sign here with your Gamertag. (Archived)bertin24829/19/2009
i think i know why its taking so long for s&k to come out (Archived)kracker_kid59/8/2009
Sonic and Knuckles Achievements (Archived)
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Sonic & Knuckles XBLA will include cart-stacking! (Archived)BlizzardFenrir28/30/2009
pathetic (Archived)hateFF7fanboys28/22/2009
stuck in carnival night zone act 2 (Archived)underOATH9068/21/2009
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