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6 years ago#1
The DS version, that is. However, looking at the System Soft Alpha site, I believe that the PSP, DS and PS2 versions are pretty close to the same. So I think any observations about one can reasonably be applied to the others.

Responding to Sonny Burnett's request for tips, the game is difficult if you don't know Japanese. Never did come to grips with how to set up the Campaign. However, I believe that the maps are the same as in the stand alone Scenarios. The Scenarios are playable, the menus and commands not difficult to figure out for those familiar with Dai Senryaku VII.

But here also, I ran into problems. First of all, the default scenarios are mostly "Japan-centric". In the preliminary setup screens, it appears that you have a lot of options to change which forces you play, how many turns, how much $$ for your side, and so on. However, I was never able to successfully save switching sides, meaning you have to play as Japan in ~ 80% of the scenarios from the default setup. Secondly, in almost none of the scenarios was I able to build new units at my bases. But the AI could. Many times I had a good offensive going, but kept taking losses which I could not replace yet the AI continued spamming replacements. Consequently, my drive on the enemy capital would frequently grind to a halt for lack of fresh troops.

Another minor drawback as I see it is all the maps are "real world" locations, which doesn't fit the tactical scale of the Dai Senryaku games. Some won't be bothered a bit by this, but I find it a bit disconcerting when artillery can shoot halfway across the Korean peninsula.

My recommendation to PSP players is to buy DS Perfect, not this game.
6 years ago#2

Well for one newbuilding units you need a large factory/airport/harbor (with a circle sometimes its even your HQ) instead of the normal one and two you have to be in the building faze which is in the second half of your turn (the part where you can't move anything). The biggest problem for me is I cant figure out how to deploy units I bought in the main game in one of the main games scenarios I can build up the base but I can't seem to grasp how to do that. Its a decent game but its not Daisenryaku VII as you pointed out(I do like the 3d cutscenes thought).

Oh and thanks for responding I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has this game and it means alot to know that there are other fans of the series besides me.:D

6 years ago#3
Thanks, Sonny. Yes, I must have been misunderstanding the two-phased player turn cycle, that there was a distinct production phase vs. DSVII where all activities are part of the same turn. I'm playing the Genki/SSA game Dai Senryaku DS: Great Strategy [Nintendo DS] at present and the existance of a distinct production cycle is much more obvious. I'll probably take another crack at Gendai DS sooner or later but for now Great Strategy is holding my interest.

The feeling is mutual, likewise I'm always glad to know there are other Dai Senryaku fans out there and to hear from them. LOL, I have slogged through all 24 missions three times now in DS VII: once on the original XBOX, again once emulated for the 360 and also in the Exceed version on the PS2. I recently ordered DS Perfect for the PSP, will have to break down and buy a PSP when it arrives. Compared to Gendai DS, I do believe that Perfect will be a more complete, flexible title with more replay value (and easier for English-speaking players to pick up) based on what I see at System Soft Alpha and the history of its PC predecessors.
6 years ago#4

I was wondering have you figured out how to deploy purchased units in the main game?

6 years ago#5
Sorry, no. I am playing Daisenryaku DS: Great Strategy at the moment. Not sure when I'll get back to Gendai. Sounds like you were further ahead with the main game than I was.

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