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6 years ago#1
i don't know, i have barely played the game, and i am already winning my matches (playing as the US in international cup) against 5 star teams like england on the hardest difficulty by at least 2 goals in 10 minute games... i am disappointed the lack of challenge.
6 years ago#2
Completely agree. The AI is very stupid; they don't seem to man-mark at all and defenders sometimes inexplicably move away from strikers in the penalty box. The difficulty is one of the biggest flaws of the game, especially if you don't/can't play online.
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6 years ago#3
Truthfully, i really didn't expect it, because i own PES 08 (skipped 09) and PES 08 provided (in my opinion) a strong challenge against the computer... some of the goals i gave up felt cheaper, but all in all the games were more competitive... so i figured i would be challenged by 10... they must have made it easier.
6 years ago#4

It's definitely too easy. Playing Champions Road with a 3.5 star team, the only way it was a challange was trying to win by 5 without allowing a shot on target, and having goals from two different players, and having two of the goals be headers, and have 1 of the goals be scored on the overlap...etc.

6 years ago#5
Also: it's not at all difficult to pick up with, say, Burnley and win the league with 90+ points.

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