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6 years ago#1
I get this message fairly often after playing this game. It doesn't happen with any other game. Legit copy, not a hacked or modded Wii. Turning the Wii on and off appears to fix it, but I don't want to brick my Wii eventually. Has anyone else had this issue with this game at all? If so, is it safe? I realize this message usually signals the need for repair to the system, but where it's only the one game I'm leaning towards shifting the blame there. As well, I have tried deleting the save data and starting from scratch, and I still get the same thing. - my website - my friend codes
6 years ago#2
This has never happened to me while playing any Wii game in general so I don't know...................
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6 years ago#3
I only got this a week or so ago and it happens if the disc is in the drive, I don't even have to play I realized. I'm gonna try exchanging it, it might be a bad disc. - my website - my friend codes
6 years ago#4
Very strange... is the disc scratched much?
6 years ago#5
Not even a fingerprint. Brand new. However, I got it at EB Games and it was the copy they took from the envelope and stuck in the case. I hate getting that copy. - my website - my friend codes
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