Worst Final Boss Fight Ever - How Do I Beat It? (minor spoilers)

#1karatPosted 2/12/2011 8:45:25 PM
Seriously? Throw out the combat system, make your stats irrelevant, play a shooter? In an hour of playing, dying, and reloading, I have yet to even hit the final boss once.

I've drunk the fire resistance potion and put max heal potions on buttons.

I just can't hit the damn target, especially when I die before the target is even within the swivel range.

What am I supposed to do to defeat this?

(Yes, I know I suck at shooters. I just wasn't expecting to have to do it.)
#2karat(Topic Creator)Posted 2/12/2011 10:33:31 PM
Took me nearly 2 more hours of trying, but I finally got it.


1) Don't aim. Just wait for the boss to come to center. Why? Because when it charges up the center, it will spend a lot of time there, so your best chance of hitting is then.

2) Fire Resist 100% doesn't seem to help.

3) Potions, potions, and more potions. I put all my remaining skill points in alchemy and brewed up a lot of ultimate healing potions, though I never used alchemy much previously.

4) After you shoot once, run away. (If you're trying to aim instead of waiting for the approach, you can fire two or three times, but 1 hit is better than 3 misses.) Run to the alcove of another turret.

5) After the boss attacks, it will move away from you, then bank right or left. Wait until it banks to see which turret to get to, then get to that turret.

6) After ~4 hits, it will drop a miniboss on you. Kill it and go back to turret sniping. After another ~4 hits, it will drop 2 bosses on you. Repeat, but this time, it can also ram the entire area, causing you to take damage.

7) I never found a way to avoid ram/falling damage. Other than that, it's pretty easy to avoid taking damage.

Basically, I just got good at avoiding damage, and I eventually killed it, despite being sucky at shooters. So, if I can do it, you can too.

All in all, I really liked the game, once I got used to the controls, but the end just caused that all to crumble for me. It should have used the standard battle mechanics, not a new one where you have to die and reload several times before you figure out how it works. Plus, I just don't like shooters.
#31949tcrPosted 2/13/2011 2:31:04 AM
What karat said..It was hell my 1st time..Fire potions are a waist of time..Just go with health..And keep moving..Don't give up. Watch where she is and move to the closest bow.
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#4NicodimusPosted 2/13/2011 11:42:32 AM
Liberal use of both sprinting and health potions. The way this battle is designed is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in an RPG. If I wanted FPS gameplay, I would have bought a different game.
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#5ChickenChaserPosted 2/13/2011 3:40:58 PM
Yes worst boss fight ever - I wholeheartedly agree.

I think I drank a half dozen potions the entire game - only to come to a final boss fight that is nothing more than an exercise in potion management.

All you need really - is a **** TON of Greater / Ultimate healling potions, Ressurection potions (preferrably of the 70% or 90% health ariety), and some Endurance potions potions.

I used 100% and 75% fire resist potions as well but as a previous poster claimed - they really dont seem to do anything.

So yea- just make sure you always have a res potion active - heal anytime you're below 50% health - when the magma dudes spawn worry l;ess about killing them quickly and more about the fire bombs from above.

With my melee character I'd run in - take one massive swing and run away until they were dead.

Then all you really need to worry about is hitting the stupid dragon with the ballista.

It's actually surprisingly simple to avoid getting hit with the fire, but that's no consolation seeing as just a slight grazing from a fire ball or flame breath rips half your health away.

Fight sucked.

But it didn't take me nearly 2 hours to figure it out. I died through my first three attempts I'd say - All before even seeing the second round of magma dudes. After that I ran through it without dying thanks to res potions and healing pots. The fight did take a good 15 + minutes start to finish though. Those ballistas suck and constantly micromanaging potions was awful.

I was level 39 or 40 - Wearing Orc Slayer.

This is right up there with worst endgame boss fight designs ever for sure.
#6gughunterPosted 2/15/2011 7:59:01 AM
Hah, yeah, I've failed this fight about 6 times now. What a giant WTF. My summoned creatures can't touch her, my homing bolts ignore her, she doesn't get close enough to whack with my mace. I bet if I'd specialized in archery my arrows wouldn't hit her either.

That said, I have a theory...

(Dragon Age spoilers coming!)

I think this fight may be a parody of what I assume is one of the last battles in Dragon Age. (I say "assume" because I never got past it.) You're on a rooftop with a giant dragon that has a bazillion hit points and about the only way to do any kind of significant damage to it is to use the ballistas (ballistae?) mounted around the rooftop. All the skills and techniques that have served you well throughout the game are suddenly more or less useless. Starting to ring any bells?
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#7VaultDwelIerPosted 2/15/2011 11:06:11 AM
yeah the fight sucked, also WTF was kyra doing lying in the middle?
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#8karmasxoceanPosted 2/16/2011 8:27:00 AM
Yeah I am terrible at shooters too. I thought it was terribly unfair to not have a melee option...but what do you do. It took me a long time to kill her and then my game glitched (see thread "Blank Screen" for more ranting/detail).

Someone mentioned that they couldn't find a way to avoid getting hurt during the ramming of the tower...I found that just jumping when she collided worked perfectly for me. Also, just playing it over and over and over....and over again made me pick up on her queues. When she is going to ram she screams and when she is going to breathe fire she is silent. Hiding in the turret was useless to me, so i just avoided her by dodging her fireballs and standing next to her head when she blew fire....also, jumping when she rammed.

The fireproof does nothing as far as I can tell and the dragon armour thats 70% effective against flames meant very little to me. During the battles with the golem things I just hit them and when I heard her scream I ran and dodged her fireballs. Seemed to work well for me....

Yet again....this still took me HOURS to finish. I was really pissed off by the end of the whole experience. In fact, since then I haven't played much of TW2.
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#9KraventsPosted 2/17/2011 9:02:55 PM
"I think this fight may be a parody of what I assume is one of the last battles in Dragon Age. (I say "assume" because I never got past it.) You're on a rooftop with a giant dragon that has a bazillion hit points and about the only way to do any kind of significant damage to it is to use the ballistas (ballistae?) mounted around the rooftop. All the skills and techniques that have served you well throughout the game are suddenly more or less useless. Starting to ring any bells?"

Uh... I don't think we played the same Dragon Age. that was probably one of the best final boss battles ever.

This on the other hand... This fight is making me not want to even finish the game. It's getting traded in for DA2 on March 8th for sure.

I have no healing potions besides the ones in the corridor before the fight, fire resistance does nothing, and all of my magic is fire/necro, so the summoned minions are a pain. Is the any way for me to get back to get more potions?

I've been trying to look on the bright side of this game then entire time I've been playing it. I really had HIGH hopes that this was going to be my new favorite RPG. But all of the optimism went away during this ridiculous fight. the controls are far too clunky for what this fight demands. All in all, the final stretch of this game has really made me hate it as a whole. If I wasn't waiting for Dragon Age II, I wouldn't be wasting my time.
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#10krono069Posted 2/17/2011 9:39:55 PM
I actually thought the last boss was really cool. I was hoping it would be something huge and different and challanging. I kept saying "As long as the final boss isn't just another fairly large troll or demon I'm happy. Please be something huge and different".
Well, the game delivered. At least I thought it was great. I will admit, they went a little overboard on the challange aspect. I died so many times I lost count. It was one of those bosses where it doesn't really matter what level you are or how you built your character. I think they did that on perpose so no one could cheese there way through the final battle. No matter how strong you got.
Personally, I can see the logic in this design choice. It was just too hard though. It kinda' reminded me of some of the later bosses in Demons Souls. I found it frustrating yet strangely addicting and rewarding when I finally pulled it off.

Yeah, so I loved it. Loved the whole game actually. This is my new Oblivion now. However, I can totally understand the last boss making some people wanna' rage-quit. They shoul've mellowed it out just a little bit.

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