Where can I get Magnet Bomb?

#1ironiclesPosted 11/26/2009 2:50:57 AM
Anyone know where to get this? Thanks!
#2xoftheuniversePosted 11/26/2009 3:24:24 AM
It might be in the normal c machine provided your poke can learn it. I don't think it would be very high on the scale since it is 2 stars and doesn't do enough damage.
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#3mercuryrunePosted 11/26/2009 6:38:27 AM
a 2200+ TECHIE Magnezone with Magnetbomb can clear pretty much up to ex 3-1 without any real difficulty. Perhaps discharge or thunder wave for a second move for support would be useful if going that route, but you'd still have to damage-rope the bosses if you don't want time to run out.
#4Rising ChaosPosted 11/26/2009 8:59:24 AM
More like Thunder for power. Magnet Bomb does a good enough job keeping everything the hell away from you already and you need a power move to support it, it simply does too little damage on its own, Techie or not. (And Techie is just the low-rent version of Punchy anyway.) It can "damage rope" pretty well with its triple knockback, though.

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#5pttp_co_nrPosted 11/26/2009 11:21:20 AM
Look for a Probopass with it. Better than Magnezones.
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#6ReptobismolPosted 12/4/2009 3:04:25 AM
Probopasses can't hit for crap. Magnezones on the other hand are strong, and resist more than Probopass (not that resistances mean much in EX.)
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#7perissodactylPosted 12/4/2009 7:40:30 AM
To answer the original question, I finally managed to get it in the advanced C machine. You may be able to get it at an earlier point but I had no luck.
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#8BrandonspPosted 12/4/2009 6:14:07 PM
Best attacck ever! Play the water stage on either advanced S or EX rank and there is a good chance that one of the magnezone will know magnet bomb