Easy Way to Befriend rare spaws! :D Keep this alive <3

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6 years ago#1
Please note :D I also posted a video of me doing this trick on youtube under my BF's name (I don't have my own acount). The description is exactly the same because I quite literally copy and pasted it. If you want to see it in action, it's under the name NiborDeathridge

On boards for this game I see a lot of people saying "Why can't I befriend this Pokemon??"
This is how I tend to do it, and it works most of the time.
Please note, this technique does not work on boss monsters, since they do not take stun from your attacks, are harder to stumble, and do not heal.
This also requires at least semi decent timing, or it may not work very well.

When you find a pokemon that you really wish to make sure that you befriend, like in this case, a Rotom, the first thing you want to do is clear the map of any other pokemon, so they don't get in the way. If your target gets in your way too much while doing this, you can try to put it in critical health so that it will run from you, but BE CAREFUL NOT TO KILL IT.

Once you have cleared the map, what you want to do next is select a weaker pokemon that you have, scrappy or gutsy attribute ones may make this process a little faster, but all in all, it's not that big of a deal. Try to make the pokemon you chose to be about 1/3-1/4th the target pokemon's level, with a skill that you are comfortable using, or can be spammed easily. in my case, the Rotom was between level 1600-1900(1802), so I chose a Cuebone level 519 with rock tomb(I like this move because it's fast and causes speed down, which makes them run from you instead of attacking)

Your goal is to keep the target at low health, and try to make it stumble. You will know when it stumbles due to a large blue star and a sound effect.
Spam the target, till it stumbles, then as quick as you can, switch over to a stronger pokemon to deliver the finishing blow. If it is stumbled while you do this, you should get it.


MAKE SURE that when it stumbles, it is at a low enough health that you will finish it in 1-2 hits with a stronger pokemon. The target will only be stumbled for a few seconds, so there IS a chance, that if you are not fast enough on the switch, you can accidentally kill it right as it comes out of the stumble annimation.

If the target starts to really get low on health and you are afraid that you will accidentally kill it. back away from it (like I do in the video) for a few seconds to let it regenerate some health. The fastest recover speed is when it's red dot is no longer visable on the map and the music changes back to normal.

If done right you shouldn't have any trouble farming the wild spawns that you need :D
Thanks for watching, and hope this helps ;)

GOODLUCK on catching thos ever evasive rares :DDD
post and comment to keep this alive :D since I'm sure a lot of people might find it useful <3
6 years ago#2
I use my Gutsy Staraptor with Endeavour, no need to worry that the opponent will faint, and then finish them off with Hyper Beam when it wobbles. If Staraptor faints I go with my Gutsy Starly, which has Endeavour and Steel Wing. This work for bosses too, but they only wobble when they started puffing right before the point where you can't hit them.
6 years ago#3
It can be easy to take too long to switch, so this is easiest with two people if you have them. One can spam, the other can strike.

This is a great tip, thank you for posting it!

I got a move that never knocks the enemy below 1 hp... can't remember it's name now... but it doesn't seem to ever wobble them (at least when it doesn't do damage) which is disappointing. It would take away the need to switch.
6 years ago#4
Endeavour works better than some random weak Pokemon IMO. I won't knock out the opponent, plus there's no need to switch, so you can do it by yourself. I've captured numerous bosses using Endeavour as well.
6 years ago#5
What does "Endevour," do? The move I'm talking about doesn't lower their HP below 1... but it has another name, like "False Swipe." I can't remember or look it up at the moment.
6 years ago#6
Endeavour knocks the opponents HP down to the current HP of the user, and then does 1 damage per hit after that. This move is considered to be better than False Swipe (especially on low level opponents) because False Swipe does more damage faster, and the opponent won't wobble if you hit them with 1 HP left. You have to run away so they can regenerate some HP and then come back. Also, False Swipe doesn't work well on bosses, because they don't recover HP.
Endeavour is more reliable because the users HP is usually higher than the opponent to begin with, and even if it isn't you could still have several hundred hits to try. Plus, it will work on bosses.
6 years ago#7
Got it! That's really useful, thanks!
6 years ago#8
Yey, I just got a decent 1,900 Cubone with Endeavor. I've already "befriended," with it... it's made things much easier.
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