Stuck with "Joining server" in Battlelog

#1HarblongCassidyPosted 10/27/2011 5:51:23 PM
Sorry if this issue's been covered before, but I finally have the chance to fire the game up... save for the fact the Battlelog seems to take a dump when it comes to actually connecting to a game server. I remember this issue in Beta, but back then restarting my browser cleared it up. Now I'm not so lucky.

Any info I could use? I'm on 7 64-bit with an OCed dual-core processor that only edges into the min requirements, lol. All other system specs are good, I ran the Beta a little clunky but still very playable. Thanks in advance!
#2CrazyMan240Posted 10/27/2011 6:10:20 PM
I am currently having the same problem and I don't think there is an official fix for it yet. Go to and read through it, there are many potential temporary fixes in there.