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5 years ago#1
I finally installed the game.. but now I keep getting this. I can't join any servers at all! I keep getting "You were disconnected from EA online (1)"
5 years ago#2
Welcome to Battlefield 3.

If just clicking join game again doesn't get you past that try signing out of Battlelog or restarting Origin.
Origin: Gunslinger_Sam
5 years ago#3
I seem to have that problem while doing a quick join. Try picking specific maps and filters e.g. hardcore/ ranked/ number of players/ free spaces/ game type etc etc.

If that does't work spill the blood of a new born platypus over your tower or relevant computation device and pray to Cthulhu.
You know you can do that anywhere. It's the amount of time you can survive doing it that matters.
5 years ago#4
Yeah, seems like the authentication process doesn't always work when I join a server. Usually I just have to try to join again and it works the second time. No idea why you'd be getting it every time.
5 years ago#5
This is really starting to get annoying. Especially when I have been waiting for like 5mins in a queue to join the server and when it is finally my turn I get this "You were disconnected from EA Online (1)".

As annoying as page not found 404!
5 years ago#6
Jeez... I'm getting this every god damn time I try to play this now. I can only last in a server for a few minutes.
Origin: Gunslinger_Sam
5 years ago#7
Did you try updating punkbuster?
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