Actual Origin testing

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d_damjan. I followed your guide and successfully was able to run origin through sandboxie. Although:

1. When installing BF3 beta, sanboxie wouldn't let bf3 install due to a punkbuster install issue. I just let origin run without sanboxing and install bf3 and tried to sanbox after install.

2.When you click to play BF3 through origin and sandboxie, it loads up your internet browser for battleog which displays the server list; in my case with Mozilla 7. I think because Origin initiated this browser load sandboxie sandboxes this also, creating communications issues with the servers.

3. I am not too sure how to work sandboxie or tweak it in a way as to letting your web browser work uninhibited while containing origin simultaneously.

Do you have any ideas d_damjan? Thanks for this thread by the way step in right direction.

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That's strange, the default Internet Access settings for a sandbox should allow all programs to access the internet without hindrance. When testing Origin itself it was able to access the Internet through the sanbox, very strange indeed.

As for the rest I'm not sure as I don't have BF3 on the computer.
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The battlelog seems to come up with a firewall error when origin starts the browser through origin. I have looked through all of sandboxies settings and can't seem to find a fix. I am sure there is one i'm just not sure with this program.

Looks like if i want to play bf3 i will have to let origin spy on me lol.

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Actual testing instead of wild speculation?
On MY gamefaqs?

Sticky requested.
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Yeah, it's scary that someone actually tested something for a change. For a moment there I thought I was on a serious website.
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With a bit more testing i think it is possible to run origin and bf3 without it origin accessing more than it should.

Has anyone been able to sandbox origin and bf3 and work without error? Or do they hit a brick wall like me when it gets to the browser and cant ping any servers and hints at a possible firewall error?

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Where does Origin cache the information it collects before sending it?

I found a folder (...\AppData\Local\Origin\Web Cache) that contains a lot of files which when deleted are created again after Origin starts.

I blocked every user (me the system and administrators) from writing anything into the folder and after starting Origin again the folder remained empty.

Could this be a simple solution to Origin collecting info it shouldn't?
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the web cache is probably info for the battle log....dont know if i would deny you notice recent games and achievements listed?
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Some of the files contain info about Adobe products like Photoshop which can also be found in ProgramFiles. I'm pretty sure they all contain info about the data located in ProgramFiles.

Also they're created when opening Origin not when accessing Battlelog via the browser.