How do I install Physical Warfare on Origin?

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5 years ago#1
Okay so I pre-ordered the game on Origin and I've pre-loaded it. Now how do I install Physical Warfare? Or is it automatically installed when I pre-loaded the game since it's Limited Edition?
5 years ago#2
Yes it should already be good to go.
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5 years ago#3
I pray you're right. This Origin thing has me paranoid. It's like Steam's evil twin. The help window and redeem codes windows load up blank, so I'm hoping I never need those things or I am royally screwed. I spent an hour in online chat with EA tech support in India trying to figure out what was wrong with no success. =(
5 years ago#4
I have a code for the Physical Warfare pack. I'm installing the game now. Maybe you add it after?
5 years ago#5
I am also confused on this part. So what do we do?
5 years ago#6
Where did you guys get the code? I preordered from origin over a month ago and haven't gotten any code for the Physical Warfare pack. I played a round a few mins ago and I didn't have any of the items.
5 years ago#7
any answer on how you unlock this stuff? i preordered on origin but didnt receive a code and i dont have the unlockables.
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5 years ago#8

In Origin go to settings (the gear icon by the question mark), click on redeem product code, then enter your code for the physical warfare pack and hit ok.

5 years ago#9
Oh, so I AM screwed since it requires a code and Origin won't work for me. Guess after I get home from work, I'm going to have to consult with tech support all night instead of playing because EA can't program properly...
5 years ago#10
Does anybody have a solution for "Page Load Error" when trying to go to the redeem product code page???
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