Limited edition code already used?

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5 years ago#1

I just bought a limited edition(CD) and it says the code is already in use. Tried it multiple times but it's not working. do i contact ea support or what? please help


5 years ago#2
Where did you get it?
5 years ago#3
how long is your key? is there a semi-colon in the middle? if so, the semi-colon separates two keys, one for BF3, and one for the expansion. Enter them separately.
5 years ago#4

I got it online from a website( i think i got the last copy as they removed the limited edition for PC. There's no semicolon or anything, it's a one long code with 20 chars.

5 years ago#5
Complain to the site and then never buy from bad sources again.

You probably got screwed. This is why I never use G2Play.
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5 years ago#6

Yeah i thought so,  just wanted to make sure noone else had the same problem. thanks guys, time to go have a little talk with them.

5 years ago#7
Let them know Beefy won't be buying from them if they treat you like ****.
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5 years ago#8
the game key is 25 digits, the DLC is 20 digits.
5 years ago#9
My game key is 20 characters.
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5 years ago#10
Next time buy from a more reputable site.
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