I love this game but hate the vehicles.

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3 years ago#1
Not only do I not enjoy riding in or driving them, but I also hate them being used by anyone. It interferes with the fun, especially as a new player when I have very few options for taking vehicles out.

i just prefer to stay on foot so I do what I can to avoid the larger maps that have all the vehicle types. Is there a list I could refer to that shows which maps have what vehicles? I've been playing for about two weeks now but I think there's maps I still haven't even played yet.
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3 years ago#2
Filter > Infantry only
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3 years ago#3
Operation Metro is the only map without vehicles. Just do what nicasen said if you don't want to fight against vehicles.
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3 years ago#4
You bought a Battlefield game knowing you hate vehicle combat?
3 years ago#5
I would be ok with just transport only vehicles like jeeps and humvee's. The maps are so big that you really do need some transport but atleast in those it can give the user an advantage but is also open to everyone at the same time. I do have going around a corner on foot just to be staring at the end of a tank cannon.
3 years ago#6
COD doesn't have any vehicles and their maps smaller than your house. You might enjoy it more than BF3.
3 years ago#7
Play Team Deathmatch if you don't like having vehicles in your game. TDM maps utilize a much smaller area of the map than Conquest or Rush, so you can run around without needing vehicle.s
3 years ago#8

From: nicasen | #002
Filter > Infantry only

There are hardly any servers that are active and infantry only.
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3 years ago#9
I actually kind of understand where TC is coming from. Unlike seemingly most BF players, I prefer 32 player to 64 player, and smaller maps (although not metro really) to the bigger maps (i.e. firestorm, caspian).

To me it just seems like 32 player regular conquest servers have the best balance (IMO) between infy combat and vehicles. I like both aspects of this game...headshots and canister shells :P ...so I like to play on servers that have a nice balance of both.

I won't take it as far as hating the vehicles though...tanks / helis are so much fun :D I'm an awful jet pilot tho :(
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3 years ago#10
especially as a new player when I have very few options for taking vehicles out.

SMAW/RPG works pretty well, y'know
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