any difference between the movie this comes with and the regular directors cut?

#1Falkner09Posted 11/25/2009 4:02:08 PM
I noticed that the regular blu-ray director's cut has 2 discs, but this appears to only have 1 for the game and one for the movie. is the movie version missing anything that's on the DC as a stand alone?

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#2ZrorroPosted 12/5/2009 12:01:59 AM
Okay I just got this so I can answer for you. Its the director's cut Blu ray without the digital copy basically. One disc is the Movie which is the Director's cut , same disc that came with the directors cut 3 disc Blu-ray. The second disc is kinda cool, here is how it works, its the same as the second disc that came with the Blu ray 3 disc set. If you put it in a regular blu ray player it comes up normal or in a PS3 just go to the video section and click the disc. It will start up just like the normal second disc starts up. If you click on the disc under the games Icon on PS3 it brings up the two games.

Bottom line: If you don't care about the digital copy of the movie that came with the normal director's cut, then this has everything else. Its a really good deal which I didn't understand at first like many but now that the price dropped its worth it. Of course if you are a movie person then you most likely already plan on just waited and bought this instead

BTW if you are wondering though the ultimate cut you can only watch with that other movie woven in to it. So if you want to have the director's cut without the other story woven in and the games this is still a good deal. Ultimately its up to whatever you want.
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