Alpha Centauri / Alien Crossfire not running right? Come here!

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I'm getting a "CPU Not Supported" message on startup with my Pentium 4 / Athlon 64 processor!
Open Alpha Centauri.ini. Find "ForceOldVoxelAlgorithm=0" and change the 0 to 1. The error will still appear, but it'll let you play anyway.

The game won't install - something about a 16-bit error and Autoexec.nt?
Chances are, you have a HPCompaq or a Dell computer. Some computers didn't have Windows XP installed correctly, and older programs (such as the installer for Alpha Centauri) won't work correctly.
The above URL should be a fix for the Autoexec.nt problem.
Also, if you have the game on an older computer, you can just copy the game directory over to the newer computer - it will work without actually needing to install it.

The game crashes when I use an air unit to kill an enemy unit near a base. What's happening with this or other crashes?
There are bugs that come from using air interceptors, which the AI most likely has nearby. To solve, attack the AI base instead, it is far less likely to crash.
Also, the game will crash if a volcano is generated as a random event at where the player has a unit.

What is Alien Crossfire?
The expansion to Alpha Centauri.

Where can I find patches for Alpha Centauri / Alien Crossfire?
You will need both the Windows 2000/XP compatibility patch AND either the Alpha Centauri v4.0 update or the Alien Crossfire v2.0 update.

Where can I buy Alpha Centauri?
It is an EA Classic and is included in a few collections.

Where can I buy Alien Crossfire?
Nowhere. Occasionally EA will release it in a collection, but it is one of the rarest modern PC games out there. Average price on eBay is over 50 USD.

Where can I download Alpha Centauri / Alien Crossfire / A no CD crack for Alien Crossfire?
It is illegal. Stop asking, you'll get moderated.

Hopefully this will answer all of the topics that perpetually pop up.
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Excellent, a much needed sticky! =)
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What ho? A sticky on a slow board...
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thank you very much. I just got this game and that has answered all of my questions. :)
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Nowhere. Occasionally EA will release it in a collection, but it is one of the rarest modern PC games out there. Average price on eBay is over 50 USD.

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I'm having a problem running Alien Crossfire.

I had the CPU Not supported message with just Centauri, but I managed to finally get past that. Now, everytime I try to play Alien Crossfire, I can get to the starting menu (Where you choose AC or Crossfire), but when I hit Crossfire, the game blows up, and Windows tells me that it's encountered an error.

I've had Crossfire on this PC before...that I can remember...i think...and I don't remember havign this problem. I've tried just about everything, but I really don't know what it is.

Any ideas on why this is happening?
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Try running the terranx.exe executable directly instead of using that menu.
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Tried that, still get the "Terranx has encountered a problem and has to shutdown"

It's like, something got fried when I installed it. Have all the patches, the little CPU not supported fix, but I get this no matter what I do. Even tried a reinstall.
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Even the 2000/XP Compatibility Patch?
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