Alpha Centauri / Alien Crossfire not running right? Come here!

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for those of you who have the planetary pack and cant run the alien crossfire half of the game, use this:

the readme says its a no cd patch, but it doesnt work as one. the game still asks for the cd.

just to be clear: this is not a no cd patch.
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For what it is worth, and I am still investigating this, it is not an XP or Vista compatibility problem. I read somewhere that there is a structural problem in the SMAC program whereby it can't grow too big or it just crashes; at the time of SMAC it being originally issued the exponential increase in computer power, I presume, was not imagined and therefore factored in. I am still, I hasten to add, investigating though.and would love to be proved wrong! I am not geek but I have reseached this problem, loving the old game against the Civ IV cobble-up.
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"Basically, you disable resolution changes, disable D3D support, and disable the movies. Then SMAC will run at whatever screen resolution you normally have your computer in.

Yep. In the ini file, disable resolution changes, the opening movie, and I believe you need to go into options inside the game and disable wonder movies."

So can you say again how exactly to disable resolution changes, and disable D3D support? Can't find where you say that in this thread - please clarify. Great info here, thanks!

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You can find those options in Alpha Centauri.ini. The file will be blank if you haven't run SMAC for the first time yet, otherwise you should be able to find the options.
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Crash-on startup generally happens because the game checks the CPU to see whether its compatible, and if its not (i.e. you are running a new computer), it fails the test and doesn't let you use the program. This (and its probably been said many times before) can be fixed by going to the alpha centauri ini conguration file and setting ForceOldVoxelAlgorithm=1 with a text editor, which allows you to play with a new CPU. This doesn't stop all the crashes, esp. with random events, which is extremely annoying in Alien Crossfire at least.

If you're running Vista and the "Program Files" directory is uneditable, you won't be able to change the CPU check and the CPU check will not be written in the configuration file, which starts out blank. If you have this problem, install the files to your Documents folder (or somewhere else where you're comfortable having them), run the game, and then fix the CPU check.
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*Actually, in many of the cases according to the internet. Its not the only cause, but its a big one.

There are some unofficial patches out there to fix the in-game crashes, but these aren't officially endorsed. They may work, though (haven't tried them).
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EmperorBlargus: Alternately, the first time you run the game, right click the shortcut and choose "Run As Administrator".
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i find it awesome that people still play this game
props :)
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I bought the Sold-Out software version of the Game, the complete version.

Trying to install, I press install, accept the EULA or whatever, then deny that I need any assistance with the install (it just brings up a crappy help menu). Now my cursor just has the loading icon next to it, then after 20 seconds it goes away. When I press to do another install, it says that there is one already running, but nothing happens.

I'm on 32bit Vista
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i find it awesome that people still play this game
props :)

There's no other game like this.