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7 years ago#1
this game sucks. at first it felt alright but after starting a second season it sucks. 25% play on hard in career mode and you can't quit a race. only restarts. no matter how much you damage vehicle the pits will always fix even an engine failure expected me to sit in garage without advancing time or ending race just quit! which does not forward you into the next day or actual end of race.

total failure of game. like they didn;t finish it or debug it.

and no review or replay of the race.

7 years ago#2
another engine failure. is it something I am doing in the set-up or does career mode just decide this or is it the team bmw sauber ?
7 years ago#3
I'd rate this game 7.5/10. It isnt that bad apart from crap graphics and outdated content.
7 years ago#4
I couldn't disagree more, I think it's a brilliant game. So many different game modes, really good learning curve, lots of options, I love it.
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7 years ago#5
I agree that this game is sort of broken. I've just started my career with BMW-Sauber on the hardest difficulty setting and hardly had any problem getting two pole positions and lap records in the first two Grand Prix. However, the game kindly "rewarded" me with numerous tyre failures in each race.

I don't know what exactly happened, but they always occured with a new set of tyres, and without a collision with another car or a wall. No doubt that I tend to ruin my tyres pretty quickly, which will lead to an additional pit stop for me. But with all those mysterious tyre failures, usually early and late in the race, I certainly have no chance to garner any championship points, even if I'm normally three or four seconds quicker than my opponents, and therefore will probably lose my job as race driver (is this even possible?).
7 years ago#6
I've only ever had tyre failures as a result of pushing too hard on softs.
'What did you say?! Insects' life doesn't compare to human lives!'
7 years ago#7
You CAN retire from an engine failure, it happened to me today! On all other times that my engine has gone it has slowly deteriorated but this time there was a loud hissing sound and a message just popped up to say that the engine has completely failed and I was forced to retire!

So there we are. Retirements are few and far between but, in fairness, reliability in F1 is 10x better now than it was 10-15 years ago.

Also, if you have a slow engine failure and you WANT to retire (rather than pit, i.e., to add realism) just drive around until you run out of petrol. You get a DNF just the same as if you'd retired.
'What did you say?! Insects' life doesn't compare to human lives!'
7 years ago#8
My biggest problems with the game are poor AI, no safety car, weather conditions dont change mid race like in real life and you cant change your strategy mid race
7 years ago#9
I agree that weather changes aren't dramatic but they do happen mid-race. I started a race in Malaysia and it was visibly raining but after a few laps the rain stopped and I wore out my wet tyres in about 3 laps.

This game is far from perfect but it's far from being 'totally F'ed'.
'What did you say?! Insects' life doesn't compare to human lives!'
7 years ago#10
I think it would of been better if it rained mid race and there would then be a dash to the pits to change change tires and fuel loads
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