Mortal Kombat vs. God of War Universe?

#1nir085Posted 3/26/2011 8:26:05 PM
Raiden vs. Zeus
Quan Chi vs. Kratos
Mileena vs. Medusa
Goro vs. Atlus (after Goro opens Pandora's Box and grows exponentially)
Jax vs. Hercules (battle of the crazy gauntlets)
Kitana vs. Athena
Sub Zero vs. that Ice Titan or Poseidon
Sub Zero's brother vs. Deimos
Scorpion vs. Hephaestus (only because of the Nemean whips...still not a great parallel, but whatever)
Shao Kahn vs. Ares (?)
Outworld vs. Olympus

Sillier things have happened. And this would be one way God of War fans can see their series continuing.
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#4EncephlonPosted 3/26/2011 8:27:46 PM
Id rather see MK9 vs Masters of Universe.. and then have He-Man's head ripped off but that's just me

Shao Kahn vs Skeletor
Kratos vs He-Man