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Mortal Kombat (2) 10 Roster

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4 years ago#1
Okay well obviously This will Take place during the MK4 Story so lets give a shot At the roster

heres Mine

Good Side

1.) Raiden
2.) Johnny Cage
3.) Sonya
4.) Kai
5.) Liu Kang (Elder Gods Revive him)
6.) Kitana (Same with Liu)
7.) Bo Rai Cho
8.) Sub-Zero/Cyber Sub-Zero
9.) Jade (Honestly they can't kill her off)
10.) Tanya
11.) Ermac
12.) Kenshi
13.) Fujin


1.) Scorpion
2.) Lady In Red
3.) Rain
4.) Belokk
5.) Cyrax
6.) Secktor

Bad Side

1.) Quan Chi
2.) Shinnok
3.) Reiko
4.) Goro
5.) Kintaro
6.) Sheeva
7.) Reptile
8.) Milleena
9.) Barakka
10.) NooooB SaiBoooot
11.) Kano
12.) Jarek


1.) Art Lean
2.) Tremor
3.) Meat
4.) Kobra
5.) Minion

well thats my Roster what's yours
4 years ago#2
Maybe Horbuckle can replace Liu Kang in MK4
4 years ago#3
I think without shao kahn, reptile will adopt something of a more neutral role, lost and looking for somewhere to belong in the chaos.
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4 years ago#4
...Didn't that already happen in MK4, and Reptile went to Quan Chi and Shinnok? >_>
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4 years ago#5
I think the bad guys are now the good guys and the good guys are the bad. Generally, speaking that is...
4 years ago#6
*SPOILERS in my idea for those who haven't watched/played through story mode. It's a bit long winded, so tell me what you think?

Well, for a plot point and an excuse to revive the characters, how's this? Before the events of Mortal Kombat 4 occur, Raiden seeks out a means to revive the fallen fighters and free their souls from Quan Chi. They seek out Khameleon, who has just finished killing Chameleon (a male clone made by Shang Tsung sent to assassinate her and given her name to mock her), and she leads Raiden to an ancient Zateran artifact. Raiden sacrifices his godhood, Sonya, Khameleon, and Johnny stopping the enslaved fighters Quan Chi sends to stop him. The heroes are restored to life, Sindel turned good again, becoming despondent for her actions in the previous battles, Sub-Zero's humanity being restored upon his revival as well.

The problem is, the cyborg Sub-Zero still exists, now as a seperate being, a side effect of the magic Raiden used to revive everyone. He is pleased that he's been freed of Sub-Zero's human weakness, plotting to reunite with Sektor and Cyrax and kill them all.

The revived Forces of Light are understandably angry with Raiden for their enslavement, Johnny and Sonya not defending Raiden, angry with him themselves. He accepts their rebukes, bidding them to live their restored lives as they choose, and goes off on his own to prepare to fight Shinnok. The heroes soon regret their actions (somewhat) and start their own preparations to defend against Shinnok.

Shinnok, meanwhile, senses that there may be problems (Onaga stirring, Shujinko being stupid and helping him do it), so he has Quan Chi start recruiting new allies and reviving fallen warriors as slaves...

Returning Playable
1.) Baraka (drafted by Shinnok's forces after defeat in the invasion. Is courting Mileena, but with little success)

2.) Cyrax (regained his soul, but not his human emotions, so he's still evil. Plans with Sektor and Cyber-Zero to take over Lin Kuei)

3.) Ermac (forcibly captured and turned good by Raiden. Trains Kenshi in his TK, and eventually starts working with Bo Rai Cho)

4.) Jade (stays by Kitana's side as her guardian. Shaken up by her time as Quan Chi's slave, and has been having disturbing visions)

5.) Jax (Same as before, just a little less trusting of Raiden. More willing to listen to Fujin.)

6.) Johnny Cage (same as ever, just a bit more serious in wanting things to go right. Starts having visions post MK4 events, seeing Onaga's revival and Blaze's ascension)

7.) Kabal (Most reluctant to rejoin the fight. Eventually does so to hunt Kano)

8.) Kano (Works for Shinnok at first, runs for it when his people are sacrificed. Works for his own interests the rest of the game.)

9.) Kitana (Wants to try and restore Edenia, but first helps fight Shinnok. Courts Liu Kang.)

10.) Kung Lao (Is ashamed of his earlier carelessness during MK2 events and his inability to free himself from Quan Chi's control)

11.) Liu Kang (Somewhat disturbed that Raiden's mad plan was RIGHT. Is uncertain of himself and his actions now, save when courting Kitana)

12.) Mileena (without Shang Tsung or Shao Kahn guiding her, Mileena has been contemplating her existence. Sindel has been showing her motherly affection, and it's disturbing her, making her wonder about her life and whose side she should be on. Still has same personality for the most part, just a bit more thoughtful when not in battle.)

13.) Nightwolf (Same as before. First to realize that Tanya is a traitor)

14.) Noob Saibot (restored by Quan Chi, allies with Cyber-Zero to kill Kuai Lang)
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4 years ago#7
15.) Cyber Sub-Zero (turned into a soulless killing machine once seperated from Sub-Zero)

16.) Quan Chi (Worried about Raiden stealing his enslaved souls from him and about Shinnok showing fear for a brief moment during a conversation, he starts making plans of his own...)

17.) Raiden (Sacrifices his godhood, becoming mortal, to revive the fallen warriors. They are (understandably) unhappy with him, so he leaves them alone, entrusting them to Fujin, and makes his own plans to fight Shinnok, still dedicated to Earthrealm's defense.)

18.) Reptile (Confused and lost without Shao Kahn. Desperate, he latches on to Quan Chi, but is eventually defeated by Khameleon, starting to gain hope for the first time in a long while...)

19.) Scorpion (Starts investigating the death of his family and clan on his own, eventually discovered that Quan Chi funded their assassination. Turns against Shinnok and Quan Chi)

20.) Sektor (regained his soul, but not his human emotions, so he's still evil. Plans with Cyrax and Cyber-Zero to take over Lin Kuei)

21.) Shang Tsung (Revived by Quan Chi as a potential ally rather than slave, doesn't trust Shinnok fully after a show of weakness)

22.) Sheeva (Drafted by Shinnok after defeat during invasion. Reluctantly working with him, having doubts about whole thing.)

23.) Sindel (Turned good when revived, she is ashamed terribly of her actions. Wants to redeem herself by helping defend the Earth and possibly reforming Mileena as well.

24.) Smoke (Works with Sub-Zero to defend the remaining still human members of the clan from Sektor, Cyber-Zero, and Cyrax. Aids Warriors of Light, but reluctantly)

25.) Sonya Blade (Same as before. Actually seems to like Johnny Cage now. Discusses with superior officers possibility of forming an Otherrealm Defense Force after MK4 events)

26.) Stryker (Reluctant to join heroes again, having been BADLY shaken up by his time as Quan Chi's undead slave, but stays in the fight.)

27.) Sub-Zero (Works with Sub-Zero to defend the remaining still human members of the clan from Sektor, Cyber-Zero, and Cyrax. Aids Warriors of Light, but reluctantly)

Returning Bosses
1.) Goro (Drafted by Shinnok after defeat during invasion. Reluctantly working with him, having doubts about whole thing.)

2.) Kintaro (Drafted by Shinnok after defeat during invasion. Reluctantly working with him, having doubts about whole thing.)

3.) Shao Kahn (revived as a slave of Shinnok)
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4 years ago#8
New Playable
1.) Fujin (takes over as guardian from Raiden, who sacrificed his immortality. Worried about Raiden's sanity, he also is a bit more active in defending Earthrealm, quickly earning the trust of the Forces of Light)

2.) Tanya (Scheming like she always is, portraying herself as an ally at first, aiding Kitana and Sindel in retaking the throne.)

3.) Khameleon (Helps in exchange for a chance to help Reptile. Prevents Onaga from taking over Reptile, forcing Onaga to take his original body back earlier)

4.) "Lady in Red" (A continuation of whatever her plot is)

5.) Frost (One of the few non-cyborg Lin Kuei remaining. Cyber-Zero slaughtered a lot of her comrades, so she is shaken and more willing to obey Sub-Zero, not turning evil this time. Still can't get along with Sonya at all. (Both punch Cage after he comments they have similar personalities.))

6.) Kenshi (Kenshi senses strong spirits gathering, as well as the revival of Shang Tsung. Goes to help the heroes)

7.) Bo Rai Cho (confronts Raiden after hearing about Kung Lao and Liu Kang's death. Isn't happy with the former Thunder God and fights him to test him, see if he's worth joining.)

8.) Nitara (Becomes an ally of Shinnok in exchange for protection for her people)

9.) Ashrah (Hunting Nitara, but is willing to aid Forces of Light after situation is explained. Killed Shujinko after sensing that he was unknowingly aiding Onaga's revival)

10.) Havik (Helps a side at random, interested in seeing how much chaos can be caused. Turns against the heroes when Hotaru joins them in this timeline.)

11.) Hotaru (Joins the Forces of Light after deciding that Shinnok and Onaga are causing too much chaos. Disliked by the other heroes, and doesn't really care. His introductory cutscene would show him talking to Dairou, who killed Darrius after realizing his treachery and leaves the plot)

12.) Reiko (Former general of Shao Kahn, working with Shinnok and Quan Chi to aid in his revival. Midway through the story, he'd be used as a sacrifice to revive Shao Kahn, who'd take over his body)

13.) Rain (slays his two brothers, having discovered that he was actually an Edenian prince that had been abandoned because he was a bastard child. Helps the Black Dragons decimate the Red Dragons, but remains mostly neutral, same as Scorpion)

Returning Bosses
1.) Motaro (revived by Shinnok's magic when things start going wrong for him, a slave like Shao Kahn)

2.) Shinnok (buffed to the point where it's actually worth it to call him a boss)

3.) Onaga (Tricks Shinnok into reviving him, as Shujinko, his original patsy, was killed by Ashrah)

Cutscene-only Cameos
1.) Chameleon (killed by Chameleon in her intro scene)

2.) Taven and Daegon (shown that they were killed by Rain)

3.) Mavado, Hsu Hao, Red Dragons in general (shown to be slain by Black Dragons)

4.) Jarek, Kira and Kobra. (Used as sacrifices to revive fallen warriors of Shao Kahn, causing Kano to flee and turn neutral)

5.) Sareena, Kia, and Jataaka. (Shown in Noob Saibot's arcade ending where he would turn on Shinnok and Quan Chi, stealing their power and taking over the netherrealm. The three of them become his concubines as he tortures Sub-Zero...)

6.) Blaze (Killed in last cutscenes after Deception events before he can manifest his true bestial form by Fujin, preventing the Armageddon events from occurring. Peace isn't restored, but the status quo is kept.)

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4 years ago#9
Can Reptile please turn into a neutral/good guy?

The guy just wants to restore his race :(
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4 years ago#10
Short version of my idea
Baraka, Cyrax, Ermac, Jade, Jax, Johnny Cage, Kabal, Kano, Kitana, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Mileena, Nightwolf, Noob Saibot, Cyber Sub-Zero, Quan Chi, Raiden, Reptile, Scorpion, Sektor, Shang Tsung, Sheeva, Sindel, Smoke, Sonya Blade, Stryker, Sub-Zero
Goro, Kintaro, Shao Kahn

New (I count Lady in Red and Kenshi as new since they are DLC)
Fujin, Tanya, Khameleon, "Lady in Red," Frost, Kenshi, Bo Rai Cho, Nitara, Ashrah, Havik, Hotaru, Reiko, Rain
Motaro, Shinnok, Onaga

Chameleon, Taven, Daegon, Mavado, Hsu Hao, Jarek, Kira, Kobra, Sareena, Kia, Jataaka, Blaze, Dairou, Darrius
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