You are forced to marry either Mileena or Sheeva...

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5 years ago#61
Mileena. With today's medical technology and the sorcery of the Mortal Kombat world, something can be done about that mouth.
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5 years ago#62

Mileena is nice too, but I like women with lips. Sheeva already has a nice body, and she has her own army. I'll get to smash the top shokan all day. Sheeva doesnt seem as violent as most say, she be my guardian shokan, and wife.
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5 years ago#63
mileena. mask only. final destination no items
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5 years ago#64
Harakiri. Period.
5 years ago#65
Mileena easy. Who gets off to kissing more than sex?
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5 years ago#66
When we're talking about Mileena's teeth, we aren't talking about kissing, that's for sure lol.
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5 years ago#67
Mileena. I don't like man hands.
5 years ago#68
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5 years ago#69
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5 years ago#70
This hypothetical situation depends on several factors.

The main one is, does the character contain her genuine personality, or are we just talking looks here? Is the character in love with you? Because it must be said that Mileena is bona fide psychopathic, while Sheeva is at least reasonable.

Physically, I would enjoy them both. As far as Mileena goes, two words:

Wine corks.

Lots of them.

This is Sarah:
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