CYOA: You are Raiden

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I am the demon lord of chaos!
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TO THE SKIES! *Jet-packs away*
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Although I do approve of calling them Bruce Lee and Oddjob.
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*Just waits for topic to be continued.*
I am the demon lord of chaos!
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C - Cage goes to find Liu and Kung, Subby goes for the coliseum, while Raiden Elder gods.
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B) We should find Liu Kang and Kung Lao

"I find it would be the best option if we went to search for Liu Kang and Kung Lao." You announce. "We still do not know who 'He who must win' is. But we will need numbers in our aid to defeat Shao Khan."

"I did not come to be used in your childish battles, Raiden!" Sub-zero said. "I am here to find and avenge my brother. If you cannot help me-"

"There is more at stake here than your honor!" You shout. "The fate of the realms is in our hands!"

"I care not for that." Sub-zero says as ice covers his body. "I will find my brother on my own." The ice crumbles into chunks and like that, he was gone.

"Foolish." You mutter as Cage wonders to himself if he can do that for an upcoming movie. "We must go find Liu Kang and Kung Lao." You say as you place your hands on Cage and Jade's shoulders. A moment later, you have teleported inside of the Evil Tower, and find yourselves staring down a battle. An enraged Sheeva and Noob Saibot face down Liu and Lao, as they prepare to fight back to back. Goro soon joins, stomping down the halls with anger and vengeance.

"Three on two?" Cage states. "Hardly seems fair!" He walks up and throws a couple quick punches, before doing a spin kick and swiping at his nose with a confident smirk. "Let's even the odds!" He walks towards the wraith, who splits into two, a darker version of himself which challenges Cage.

"Fighting 'fair' can only get you so far..." Jade says as she rushes into the fray. You teleport yourself into battle, and soon, the three are defeated. Your team cheers and congratulates each other as Goro speaks.

"Your efforts do not matter!" He says, "Shao Khan will win this tournament and princess Kitana will be executed for her treason!" Liu Kang stomps on Goro, forcing him to reveal that she is down at the Coliseum. Another stomp knocks Goro out for good, and you teleport everyone down to the battles in the Coliseum.

When you arrive, you see a downed Sub-zero, with Scorpion standing over him. He wields both of his blades, ready to finish the blue ninja in front of Shao Khan. Quan Chi stands near Shao Khan and Ermac stands on the other side of him, injured, but recooperating, it seems. Down below, Kitana is tied and chained.

"Kitana!" Liu Kang and Jade both shout, as they both run off to unchain her.

"What happened?" You mumble to yourself and a guard near you fills you in with a chuckle. Sub-zero stepped up to face Scorpion, but in order to do so, he had to fight against numerous opponents in order to be allowed to face Scorpion. As the only one fighting for Earthrealm, since no one else was around, Sub-zero was quickly worn down, by time he had to face the spectre, and was defeated with ease.

Now Scorpion stood over him, ready to finish him once and for all. "I... am not done... just yet..." Sub-zero said as he struggled to rise.

"Your life and your quest for vengeance ends here." Scorpion states. "You shall die with the same amount of honor your brother had..." Scorpion lifted his blades to finish Sub-zero. "None!" Just before the blades could strike, a group of cyborgs appeared around Scorpion and Sub-zero. They blasted bolts of lighting at them, stunning them as a red robot and yellow robot appeared and bowed to Shao Khan. They stated that they wished to take Sub-zero away, but if they did, they would be taking Scorpion too!
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Shao Khan grumbled and glanced with fury over to Kitana, noticing Jade and Liu Kang had freed her. "You!" He boomed with anger. Shao Khan gripped the arms of his chair in fury as Quan Chi and Ermac began to step down. Cage moved forward to assist Liu and Jade. Kung Lao moved forward as well, but looked to you, and stepped back...

A) Pursuade Kung Lao to fight
B) Sektor owes you a favor! Tell him to back off
C) Attack the cyborgs
D) Fight alongside Liu, Cage, and Jade
E) Do nothing...
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I think I'm going E) lder god on this one.
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We are the Lin Kuei, more stealthy than the night, more deadly than the dawn!