Your top 5 worst matchups and why?

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3 years ago#1
Because I'm bored, name who your top 5 worst matchups in the game are and why. It'd be cool if people who play the characters could even give tips for dealing with them too :)

1. Kung Lao: I'm scared to do anything to this guy. His spin beats my pressure, he has semi-decent zoning potential, and an armored teleport. I just feel at a loss when someone picks him.

2. Quan Chi: I know a lot of people consider him low tier, but for me he's a nightmare. He's a king of mix-ups, and even his teleport can be used to confuse you. I always fall for that low hit in the combo where he throws you with a skull >:(

3. Sub-Zero: Why? Because ice clone magnet -_-

4. Johnny Cage: WTF do I do when this guy inevitably gets in on me? I have no armor, and have to wait until he screws up, then at that point half my health is gone from chip damage. I guess I need to work on going no-holds-barred with my zoning.

5. Reptile: I can't ever seem to get a grip on fighting this monster. Like Kung Lao, his dash makes me afraid to do anything, and what's worse is that he can end strings with the 50/50 of a dash or slide. He also tends to be able to outzone me, his usually resulting in a combo from a force ball :(
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3 years ago#2
In no order.

1.Sub-Zero, cause ice clones.

2. Noob, cause I suck against zoning

3. Online Raiden, cause teleport

4. Kitana, cause I jump too much.

5. Mileena, cause see above

Matter of fact, I have a ton of bad match ups :/
3 years ago#3
1) Mileena - from Day 1 up until now + she's everywhere
2) Reptile - same as above + can pump up the pace of the match so I can't keep up
3) Kabal - should I even say anything else...
4) Smoke - for my mains he's an obv. counter-pick
5) Raiden - when I play decent Raiden I got the feeling that I'm a bull participating in Corrida...
with the exact same outcome
3 years ago#4
Mileena, Kabal, Reptile and that's it...
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3 years ago#5
Raiden - Teleport. Teleport. Telepor-JUMPED OVER HIM! ...Combo he whiffed made him step forward several paces out of reach, and before I can hit him with anyth-Teleport. Launch a projectile at him, Teleport, JOHNNYBOUGHTACAR. Lightning ball, lightning ball, *block or duck* Teleport into instantaneous grab!

Reptile - Dash. Dash. Dash. Dash. This eventually wins him the matchup online because he's able to followup with another dash before you can punish him with even the quickest moves. This move seems to have pretty high priority over other specials, too.

Liu Kang - Hoh, hu, hwoyah! Hoh, hu, hwoyah! One false move, and a simple three button juggle & dash combo will eat nearly half of your lifebar. I have met a few Raiden and Reptile players who don't use the strategies above, but I have yet to meet a single Kang player who doesn't fish for this.

Mileena - I find that the only way I can beat a Mileena player is if I can read them and duck/block lightning fast on reaction. She's a reflex test. Countering her whiffs is a problem with my mains, as they are slow characters and don't really have good options to counter her recovery animations on block with the exception of a blocked ground roll.

Noob - His zoning game is maddening. Mixing high/low shadows with big pushback on hit is nasty enough, and turns the game into guessing correctly on block while trying to dash in (as he is a faster zoner than any character that I play with). Jumping in is out of the question as you will either be teleport grabbed or shadow knee'd. He's a tricky one.

Mileena and Noob I don't mind so much, but the first three are just unbelievable.
3 years ago#6
1. Sonya - Can't anti-air, can't pressure, can't whiff moves without getting full combo punished

2. Kung Lao - I still don't know exactly how to punish tele 3, especially online

3. Mileena - Hard to react to teleport and ball roll online, hard to get offense going

4. Kitana - Can get out of corner easily, can't jump, F2 range kills me

5. Ermac - Force Push range kills me, really good mix-ups
3 years ago#7
1) The Mirror - Regardless of the character, mirror matches are my kryptonite.

2) Reptile - Elbow dash all day, e'ery day. I can beat them with Cyrax, but with any other character, I just can't punish that damned Elbow consistently. Lol.

3) Scorpion - this has nothing to do with fuzzy. I'm just an idiot who always blocks the wrong way lol.

4) Quan Chi - I just can't properly fuzzy online. When I have a good, solid connection, he's not so bad as his mix-up is pretty televised & his empty teles are full combo punishable.

5) Sub-Zero - I know how to play the match-up, but for some reason, he always gives me more trouble than he should.

AresWarrior posted...

2. Kung Lao - I still don't know exactly how to punish tele 3, especially online

I started using D3 when I see him go for the Tele and it makes the 3 whiff, so I get full combo punish with most characters. Just be careful cause overhead will catch you.
Also, smart players will start delaying the 3, but that's a good thing cause then you can standing AA it. Either way, it stops the constant pressure.
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3 years ago#8
Mileena - Just the mix ups and I have trouble with constant cross overs from her online. Against Noob she can telekick his shadows, and if upknee is whiffed she can ball roll for a full combo punish. Since Noob has poor midscreen anyway, he has weaker punishes because of her punish states and the size of her hitbox. Also, can't do much against D4 spam except make distance and throw a shadow.

Kung Lao - Just problems punishing teleport with Noob. If you crouch the instant three and it whiffs, noob still can't get a good AA combo off of it, because his d1's hitbox and juggle potential is poor. Just have to go with the uppercut most of the time. Also, this is mostly because of match up inexperience, especially at a higher level.

Reptile - Elbow dash. Pretty much it. and punishing it online consistently.

Kabal - Just knowing the character match up makes me feel this way. Havent played enough skilled Kabals to call it either way, though. Noob has to get Kabal in the corner.

idk, really. The first two are the only really tough ones for me personally.
Scorpion, ironically might be the fifth, but again this is online. I always screw up blocking a mix up by a split second. Just a personal thing, though.
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3 years ago#9

From: AresWarrior | #006
2. Kung Lao - I still don't know exactly how to punish tele 3, especially online

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3 years ago#10

cause of the god damn output delay , LAGGGGGGGGG
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