new move ideas for kratos in the next game

#1MKWARRIOR2000Posted 5/7/2012 11:55:34 AM
1st move zeus thunder summons a bolt of lightning to strike and zap the foe launching them up similar to nightwolf and rain enhanced version summons 3 bolts increasing damage. 2nd move falling flaming arrow launches a flaming arrow upwards which falls towards the foe enhanced version launches 3 flaming arrows which fall on the foe from his hermes bow. 3rd move he uses that one flying creatures wings to levitate similar to sindel. 4th move chain grab he uses his chains to grab the foe and pull them towards him similar to scorpion and the first part of his x ray move. 5th move medusa freeze he temporarily turns the foe to stone like in his second fatality can be avoided by blocking jumping ducking or by using a teleport move it also works against invisible foes leaves them open enhanced version the foe remains petrified longer than usual
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I doubt he'll return.
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