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5 years ago#1
I wanna say Liu Kang but def have to go with Kung Lao......he has a hat with a Blade around it, now THATS a fashion statement
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5 years ago#2

If it's before Kang died, then I'll have to go with Kang....

Kung Lao changed after Kang was killed. His MK:D.A. version was just godlike.You know? No one was more effected by that than Kung Lao..

5 years ago#3
Uhm... His death made Kung Lao godlike? He gained a flipping kick and that's it.

Regardless, I go with Kung Lao. Bladed hat, pop up spin, bird kick and teleport? Deadly. Kang has speed on his side with his flying kick, but Laos teleport makes him the fiercer competitor
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5 years ago#4

The flip kick had little to do with it actually. I'm noteven comparing their moves. The whole, 'Well Lao has a hat with a blade on it and Kang dosen't so Lao should win lolol,'is NOT how I see it.

I'm comparing their passion, resolve, and warrior spirite, and after Kang died, Kung Lao leveled up big time.

If you can't understand that, then I don't know what to tell you.

5 years ago#5
I think that's for another topic. This is the type of "lol Kung has a bladed hat so he wins" topic. In depth critical analysis is thatta way --->

On topic...I dislike Bruce Lee archetypes so, Kung Lao because he's gotta bladed hat! :B
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5 years ago#7
Hey, I'm not the one launching personal attacks here. ; )
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5 years ago#8
I used gameplay as my argument so I stand by it. I don't think story counts, because Liu kang wins all the tournaments except when he dies, so there would really be no point to the discussion

I think gameplay Kung Lao has more variety versus Liu and his more straightforward play style
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5 years ago#9
Liu Kang.

Because... Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh
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5 years ago#10
Bladed hat would make anyone 100x more awesome.

Except for Hsu Hao. That guy was hopeless.
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