how to unlock cyber sub-zero and quan chi

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User Info: QuitoTheOne

6 years ago#1
I was wondering that :O

User Info: gnerdus

6 years ago#2
Story mode.
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User Info: sanc

6 years ago#3
Play on the Pit until you see Ed Boon fighting Guile in the background and then press up up down down left right left right b a start

User Info: panic10

6 years ago#4
story mode

User Info: ChuckLinasty

6 years ago#5

Have to beat it all the way through or just reach certain parts?

User Info: Joexi

6 years ago#6
If I'm not mistaken.. Cyber Sub Zero is gained for getting to a certain point, while Quan Chi is for completing the entire story mode.

Can anyone confirm? I'd hate to be spreading false info.
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6 years ago#7
so far i earned cyber subzero in story mode, i still havnt beaten story mode, so i can not say about quain chi.
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User Info: raveldante

6 years ago#8

YES, you're right... cyber sub-zero can be unlocked in the middle of story mode, and Quan chi can be unlocked when you finish the story mode... I finished the story mode yestarday and it's confirmed...

User Info: rubberGasket

6 years ago#9
I am more than half way through story mode and Cyber Sub-zero isn't unlocked.
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User Info: CHADbomb

6 years ago#10



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  3. how to unlock cyber sub-zero and quan chi

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