Why the hell do I have 2 Cyber Sub Zeros?

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5 years ago#1
I downloaded Kenshi via game as they recommend. I have the season pass so I also have Skarlet too.

Before I downloaded Skarlet and before I finished story mode the lower row of the character select screen was:

? Sheeva ? ?

By beating story mode completely and accessing the character select screen:

Cyber Sub Zero, Sheeva, Quan Chi, Cyber Sub Zero (I forget when Quan Chi and CSZ were unlocked)

After downloading Scarlet an arrow appears left of the left Cyber Sub-Zero. After downloading Kenshi an arrow appeared next to the right Cyber Sub-Zero. Now, here's the problem... I have NEVER been able to move the character select square over the right Cyber Sub-Zero. Therefore I can't select Kenshi? I mean, WTF?

This happens in all modes that can access the Character Select Screen.
5 years ago#2
i freaking hate how the DLC character selection works. They could make one of the Cyber Sub Zeros be a simple Mortal Kombat logo and it would at least look better aesthetically.
5 years ago#3
so how do you select kenshi? i ask cause i havnt been able to download him yet but this just seems like a new hassle
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5 years ago#4
You select the DLC characters by moving to Cyber Sub-Zero and pressing towards the edge of the selection screen and then a new row will appear to the side of Cyber Sub-Zero with Skarlet and Kenshi. Then just pick one.

Kenshi appears right next to Skarlet, btw. If you can select Skarlet, you can select Kenshi.
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5 years ago#5
both characters are off the menu...just highlight cyber sub zero and go either left or right depending on which side of the column you chose.
5 years ago#6
everyone has 2 of them on there 360s for player 1 and 2 to pick

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5 years ago#7
L@@Ks TC's Username.
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5 years ago#8
Because the right one is Kratos on PS3. Or, at least, was. I think they have two CSZ now too, with Kratos being moved off to the side too.
5 years ago#9
And the second one if for P2, that's why you can't select it.
5 years ago#10
JREnvoy posted...
And the second one if for P2, that's why you can't select it.

I never, ever understood the reasoning behind giving each player their own CSZ to choose. Like...what?
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