Just beat it. So heres the story.*spoilers*

#1paper_waterPosted 4/29/2012 11:10:25 AM
So i beat the game. Here is the story begining to end:
*spoilerz Scroll down to view*

So at the begining, your character (a puppy at the time) is living a peaceful life with its family. Until one day during a thunder storm,a Rival meercat pack invades. In the rush away, your character falls into the stream and ends up on the other side of the savanna, Where it is harder to live. You then have to conqure that side. After you get the last flag, the river dries up,allowing you to go to the lush,calm side. once there you have to defeat rival meercats to get your old home back. after you get the last flag back, you find a lost meercat puppy left by its pack. You command your meercats to harrase it. Then you remember the pain you felt, and you bring it back to your rivals. They start sadly walking away when you call them over. You tell them the savanna is big enough to share, and you split the savanna into halves for you to share, and you live together in harmony together.The end

*end of spoilers*
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