Mana khemia 2 is confirmed.......

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6 years ago#1

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6 years ago#2
i hope so. im enjoying MK1 right now.
6 years ago#3
However I'm hoping the weapons bug from the first one doesn't happen in this one.

As in the MK1 the bonus dungeon weapons can never be actually made but the bonus dungeon equipment isn't part of the party members grow boards at all.

But in this one the bonus dungeon equipment weapons included MUST be made for 100% grow board stats.
6 years ago#4
What am I missing? The link does not mention the game.
6 years ago#5
to onislash:

It says: Atelier Rorona is coming but nothing about MK2 so i think this topic is miss leading

(why Atelier Rorona is mentioned is because its from the developers of MK2)
6 years ago#6
definitely not confirmed
6 years ago#7
MK2 wasnt confirmed. 2 PSP games getting localized and a new PS3 game.
6 years ago#8
AKA, there is a chance it was confirmed. We won't know till later.
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