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Detailed explanation/analysis of the ending(s) of Fez (SPOILERS) (Archived)sbdog26/12/2014
Dimensions (Archived)codya3015/7/2014
This game was really fun until all that was left was anti cubes. (Archived)backguard22214/2/2014
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Letter Artifact Heart Code SOLVED Counting Cube Artifact still a WIP (Archived)ToiletSnakes33/14/2014
Mobius Strip and the Tome/Monolith - SPOILERS! -reopening the case- (Archived)AdmSoroshi43/7/2014
Flying necessary for some puzzles? (Archived)e101gamma22/25/2014
Is here anybody? Whats with that spectrogram secrets? (Archived)Ryjek4962/13/2014
Stuck at windmill area with black holes (Archived)xandreade11/20/2014
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Anyone still tinkering with the game? (Archived)TonyaLunchTime512/7/2013
Can this game be solved by the average gamer without referring to the internet? (Archived)TheNorm611/29/2013
Fez gave me an idea pt 2 (Archived)Sega9599510/17/2013
It seems that soundtrack secret has been discovered (Archived)konvrzek710/7/2013
The "rotation" mechanic doesn't give good puzzles (Archived)Guillaume77759/25/2013
Kinda sad what happened with Phil Fish... (Archived)
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