I present to you the SECURITY QUESTION SOLUTION!!!

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4 years ago#1

I DID IT, I **** DID IT!!! I will explain now...The answer is MetaTron...Kind of, but reversed and on its side.

Here is a picture of how you orientate them. If you tilt you head, like weve been doing for the whole game, it makes METATRON.


I did this with the door in view. Once youve set this up, rotate the game camera twice...Boom solution.

4 years ago#2

By the way, if you want a bit of proof before you go to the effort of doing this, I am currently 17th on the Leaderboards with 206.2% completion.

4 years ago#3
Maybe you're just too excited but there's something wrong with this... my blocks aren't rotated the right way round to make this?
4 years ago#4
confirmed. just did it.
4 years ago#5


4 years ago#6
his answer is perfect it's with spaces, and you rotate twice. thanks man
4 years ago#7
valcfield posted...
confirmed. just did it.

TurfyLenning620? :O
4 years ago#8
I'm so confused... I can't make them the right way around
4 years ago#9
I knew I should have tried that! Still feel kind of cool for being the first to bring up the right answer as a possibility, though.
4 years ago#10
I'll go try this in a mo. I just posted something about spelling Metatron on it's side in the other topic but kudos for you being the first!
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  3. I present to you the SECURITY QUESTION SOLUTION!!!

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