The Key To The Monolith Must Be The Tome Somehow.

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The Tome has served no purpose so far, apparently its just gibberish, but there must be a way to translate the translation, perhaps by using the Red Letter Cube thing, as the reverse of pages in the Tome are sides of the Red Letter Cube thing. I know its not much, but it must have a purpose. Further to that, what is the point of the Skull aritfact. Also, I noticed something, I think the markings on the floor are actually an infinite symbol, but I could be wrong.

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I'd say the cubes on the floor represent 3d
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Yeah I get the feeling this must be important somehow. Interesting to note is that the bottom of the writing cube (L) is NOT in the tome, and also corresponds to 0 on the counting cube.

The current state of the letters on the pages has been transcribed here:
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I think the artifacts might just be useless. The skull has no use (so far) same as all the others. I think the writing and number cubes are just like, what the inhabitants of the world use (or used) to write as they contain the shapes to write any letter.

The tome could be the exception though, it's the only thing in the game that doesn't translate right.
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For what it's worth, the symbol on the some seems to be equated to the number 3 in one of the classrooms.
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long shot, but considering the fact that the number 1 seems to be in the middle of the 2nd circle, maybe we need to do the input from the classroom from the neon world again? kinda a long shot but never know
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wait a second, maybe the book is encrypted... the first 2 pages seem to be repeating but with different symbols, so i wonder if there's some cesar cypher going on (think rot13)

i think the numbering cube and the letter cube need to be flattened for some reason or another, i remember seeing a flattened world map as well as an associated diagram with numbering on it
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So on the left pages there are letters that spell out


I Survived The Leak Days there were over 15000 pages of was horrifying.
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i was hesitant to buy into the tome thing, but the fact that the button sequences are (all?) 8 sequences and there are 8 pages makes me optimistic. maybe there is some translation for the big letter pages (it would explain why they're repetitive if they have to = buttons)