GameBreaking Glitch in Virtual Boy level.

#1Raptor_2099Posted 5/23/2012 1:27:31 PM
Ok so this is more a warning than anything else. Iwas on the first Virtual Boy (Red and Black) Level and as I got to the platform that rises with the rising water/lava I had to pause the game to leave the room for a minute. When I came back I had been signed out of XBL, I tried to unpause but the game needed me to log back onto XBL, upon doing so it resets the game. I figure no big deal I'll just travel back to where I left off and do it over. I sign on, choose continue game and low and behold I can't move and I'm stuck in a never ending loop of dying right next to the platform and I can't even see the water/lava coming up. I just keep dying like I hit the water and resetting and dying again in the same spot, repeat ad infinitum. Well after trying MANY different ways to get outta this situation I had to start a new game and now it's back to 0 % complete. Sux too cause I was on new game plus. So to sum up don't restart on the water rising part of the virtual boy level or you might get stuck like me and have to start over.
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