What does the icon on the players' status means?

#1Soul_HunterPosted 6/18/2010 2:23:21 AM
There is an icon over the player status, most of them I got it figured out but still 1 or 2 icons I don't get what it means.

There's the work permit icon, Injury icon, Unable to participate in league icon

and one icon is an Earth icon, such as that on Park Ji Sung when I started playing MU, and the icon with what looks like a flag with the circle in the middle, may I know what it means?
#2Berkshire_BluesPosted 6/18/2010 3:30:58 AM
The world icon signifies he's non-EU, I believe. At least it does for Prem sides. Flag with the circle....I don't remember seeing that.
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#3Soul_Hunter(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2010 4:05:08 AM
Thanks for your reply! However one thing confuses me, as there are three Brazilians in MU, but only Anderson with the Earth icon.
#4Berkshire_BluesPosted 6/20/2010 12:28:27 PM
They'll have been nationalised (5 years in country), or have an EU passport. Check for dual nationality.
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#5Soul_Hunter(Topic Creator)Posted 6/20/2010 7:26:50 PM
Thanks! Didn't know the game would be so detail.