Anyone For CO-OP?

#1budden_11Posted 9/4/2010 11:49:38 AM
Hi guys, just took advantage of the Dal of the Week and got this for 400 points, and I have to say i'm enjoying it as I would never of bought it if it wasn't on the deals, as I always look to see what's been price-cut. But anyway I don't know how old the game is, but I can't find an online game, and i'm not trying to boost, even though I don't think it's possible, but I would like to play a co-op game as I want to get all the achievements, so if you want to play this, just add me or leave your Gamertag here.

Cheers guys.

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#2DSD77Posted 9/4/2010 6:18:23 PM
I'll play it with ya. I'm from U.K what about U?????
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#3h8nlaggersPosted 9/6/2010 10:21:05 AM
Gt. H8 Laggers
#4budden_11(Topic Creator)Posted 9/8/2010 2:18:07 AM
I am from the UK, and come online weekdays around 7 - 10pm as I have work, but weekends I usually play all day that I am online.

Gamertag: Budden260890
#5MekelarPosted 9/30/2010 3:18:32 AM
Hey yea I'm always for co-op games (best kind IMO).

add me if you want.
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