Gem Locations

#1KaizaYamazkiPosted 10/15/2010 6:01:04 AM
Well I am near the end of the game, but sadly I want to upgrade my weapons and armor due to the last boss killing me with no effort at all. I'm low on green squares, topas and emeralds those next to topas... Anyone help know a good place to get alot of those within 20 mins or so?
#2PokemonAddict23Posted 10/15/2010 6:36:18 AM
Emeralds are green squares. They are most abundant in Guera.
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The ones next to Topas?
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I meant Sapphires sorry. >.<
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On the screen it goes

Ruby - Emerald - Topaz - Sapphire
Lapis - Aquamarine - Amethyst - Diamond

Farming spots:
Rubies - Mount Gulug
Emeralds - Quicksand Castle
Topaz - Quicksand Castle
Sapphire - area outside Mount Gulug
Lapis - Tower to the Sky
Aquamarine - area outside Invidia
Amethyst - bosses, metal flans, medusas, latter two both found fairly commonly in random dungeons
Diamonds - bosses, there's an infinite supply in the random dungeons if you have no more storyline bosses
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Slime go make a FAQ.

and yea thks for the info as always~
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This isn't a farming spot for Emeralds but if you need them after the quicksand castle but before you can go back, you can use Finder to sometimes get them off the Mandragoras in the Great Tree Roots. Definitely seems to be uncommon, you can get enough to do a couple crown upgrades without too much effort.