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6 years ago#1
I believe the odds of this game coming to the US is more like 35 percent. Only because square is going to release DQ 6,9 and probably the remake of lufia 2 next year. That doesnt leave much room for this game.
6 years ago#2
Pop quiz time: What's the last (non-cellphone/non-Wonderswan/non-mildly changed rerelease) Final Fantasy game not to see a US release? Can you guess what the last game was? I'll give you a hint: It came out in 1992. Every FF game after that, every one has been released in English eventually. I leave the inevitable conclusion for you to figure out.
6 years ago#3
I would ten to agree with you.... but alot less jrpg's are released in america than they used too. Square typically releases 2-3 decent ds games a year. DQ 6,9 are confirmed, I am just not so sure they have the man power to release a 3rd game in America for the ds in a given year.
6 years ago#4
I can't disagree that they can only release so many games in a given year (and next year does look pretty heavy with good games to bring over as-is) but whether it's 2010 or 2011 they'll get around to this game eventually.
6 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#6
You forget that the DS 2 which has already been leaked will be announced at the end of 2010 and be released at 2011. Once that hits say goodbye to any more US ds games.
6 years ago#7
Internet rumor with faked pictures and no hard confirmation means absolutely nothing. The only officially announced new DS is a variant of the DSi. Even if there is a DS2 in the works, there are two reasons it means nothing: One, you have absolutely no way of knowing it won't feature backwards compatibility (which pretty much everything has nowadays). Two, because we stopped getting NES games when the SNES came out or PS1 games once the PS2 came out or PS2 games when the PS3 came out or... oh wait, that's right, it doesn't work that way. If there's a new console, even if it's not backwards compatible with DS games as long as there's games left to localize they'll keep translating them. I swear you're just trying to be pessimistic for the sake of it.
6 years ago#8
All but the most obscure of Final Fantasy games will see western releases. This game was guaranteed a localisation the minute it was announced.

If only we could say the same for games like SaGa 2.
6 years ago#9
I havent actually "bought" a game in some time :)
6 years ago#10
The last ones to not come over was the Chocobo games for DS, the one about the knights and the port of the Wii Dungeon game.

TBH, I'm quite excited about this.

But like three games over shadow this:

Digimon Lost Evolution
Dragon Quest 9
Tales of Graces

So yup. The main reason I want this is the return to REAL turn-based stuff.
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