Any news bout US release?

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6 years ago#1
While using Ultimecia's Time Compression, she said "Play time is over!" then my PSP turned off.
6 years ago#2
This game may not get released here, at least not this year with dragon quest 6 and 9 being confirmed for the US.
6 years ago#3
NO!!!! and I was so looking forward to this game....:(
While using Ultimecia's Time Compression, she said "Play time is over!" then my PSP turned off.
6 years ago#4
Yeah I know it sucks, companies are just screwing US DS owners. We've only received a fraction of all the good ds games.
6 years ago#5
Don't listen to Stealth20k. He's just trolling.

All but the most obscure of Final Fantasy games see western releases. Expect this sometime in 2010.
6 years ago#6
Uh I am not trolling... Capcom has delayed all there major games until 2011. Square is somehow releasing maybe about 6+ games across all consoles next year. If you havent heard anything about this game being released here by now, you wont. DQ VI will be released here maybe by the summer, and DQ IX around april. Where doesw that leave this game smart guy?
6 years ago#7
You also seem to be forgetting that ds japanese games not yet brought here include lufia 2, SaGa 2, and blood of bahamut. The first two games have as much chance of coming here as ff gaiden,
6 years ago#8
If you're not trolling then you're an unbelievably pessimistic person.

And since when did Lufia and SaGa have as much chance of being localised as this? It's a Final Fantasy case you hadn't heard, the series is a global phenomenon.
6 years ago#9
SaGa is also known as FF legends 2....... also FF game. So by your calculations it has just as much of a chance.
6 years ago#10
Whether its a global phenomenon is not the point at all...... how many games do you think square enix can bring to america??? Honestly, square is releasing a huge amount of games for the consoles next year, and 2 dragon quest games for the DS. If you think they are going to release another low sales game for the ds, well you are being overly optimistic and just not smart.

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