It's being released in English, finally an announcement.

#1JDevil99Posted 4/10/2010 1:16:24 PM

Hope this makes everyone happy.
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#2Matrix_KnightPosted 4/10/2010 4:35:07 PM
A rumor with no facts or sources behind it.
#3RLegacy3Posted 4/13/2010 8:36:17 AM
"Hope this makes everyone happy."

I reckon Stealth will still doubt the game is coming even when he has it in his hands.
#4Ganon24Posted 4/13/2010 1:31:40 PM
Lol, there is someone on here who actually believes it's not coming to the US?

Anyway, good news but I am so sick that the Lufia 2 DS remakes likely isn't coming to the US. Come on Square Enix...if it comes it's without a doubt the #1 most anticipated handheld game for me.
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#5Matrix_KnightPosted 4/13/2010 1:37:59 PM
Again there are alot of rumors about square ds games. Once square comes out with an announcement with a release date window, thats good enough for me.

Rumors from "news" sites dont cut it for me.
#6Maxx_the_SlashPosted 4/13/2010 2:59:55 PM
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#7Matrix_KnightPosted 4/13/2010 4:58:26 PM
Thats not an announcement from square nor a date, so its irrelevant. Alot of game titles get trademarked, without being released. I a not saying thats the case but that article isnt proof
#8RLegacy3Posted 4/14/2010 4:06:54 AM
What was the last Final Fantasy game to be trademarked but not released?

It's as good as confirmed.
#9Matrix_KnightPosted 4/14/2010 6:36:10 AM
Its not confirmed......... until there is a release date a trademark means nothing.
#10RLegacy3Posted 4/14/2010 8:44:16 AM
It signals their intent.