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6 years ago#1
Hello everyone,

I created a program that let's you enter the 4 numbers given by the math game and it'll figure out the best solution for you (and lists all possible solutions as well).

Right now it's written in C#, which means it's Windows desktop based. I could rewrite it in Javascript and post it online if there is enough interest.

So, if I wrote this, would you be willing to use it?
6 years ago#2
For smaller mathematical applications, I'd personally use Python instead, but this sounds kinda useful regardless.
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6 years ago#3
I'm gonna use Javascript so it can be used online (no download required).
6 years ago#4
there is one somewhere on the net already, I just have to find it =p
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6 years ago#5
Sorry for the double post <-- its there

Just need to tpye Numbers like 4324 ( without spaces )
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6 years ago#6
2love that solver is kind of bad though. It completely disregards the best solution for 9918 ((9x9)-1)/8 as well as other similar ones such as 9827 or 9888.
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6 years ago#7

It's even faster than before, it's all pre-computed now!
6 years ago#8
Here is mine:

I'll probably pretty it up with CSS later, but there it is.
6 years ago#9
Came across a combination that has no solution! 2572
6 years ago#10
Thats when you skip........
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