how can i get married??

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6 years ago#1
please give me details about getting married in rune factory 3
i don't know how..
6 years ago#2
You have to defeat the bosses of all the four dungeons, then you will get the recipe for the Wedding Ring. However, before the marriage, your fiancee disappears or something and you have to go to Dragon Cave, kill the final boss, and get happily married ever after.
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6 years ago#3
where is the location for the boss after the racoon??
(sry i'm new)
6 years ago#4
Use the search engine, or actually follow the bloody storyline.

God, do people need to be led by the hand for everything, even when the game does it for you?
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Name: Vael
6 years ago#5

In most HM games, you can marry whenever you want, provided you give gifts and build their love. In this game, you aren't even married until postgame. So yeah, it's gonna raise a few questions, it's done differently.
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6 years ago#6
^The storyline actively leads you in the right direction; the villagers even explicitly interject what needs to be done next in their daily conversations. There're really no excuses for asking questions of this nature, unless people see talking to villagers as only a way to raise affection values.

This game is easy in terms of figuring things out; Neverland has been much, much crueler in the past (remember Lufia 2's World's Hardest Puzzle?), and there are no Guide Dang It moments so long as PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION AS TO WHAT'S BEING SAID.

Failing that, there's the search engine.

Is it too much to expect a bit of independence from people? Oh, the horror of the first people who played the JP version and had to actually figure out things on their own.

It's really tiring to see the same question being asked over and over again 1000 times, and believe me, I HAVE helped with things that aren't immediately obvious.
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Name: Vael
6 years ago#7
"Failing that, there's the search engine."

Ah, the one that comes up with no hits 90% of the time? I've used the search (both here and google) for 20-30 things. I got my answer maybe twice (one of which was solved by watching a japanese youtube video).

Yes, it does hold your hand, but nevertheless it's different from other games, so it will catch some people off guard, and marriage isn't even brought up until near the end of the game, which he is nowhere close to. I'm not saying you're totally wrong, I'm just saying you should let up a bit. This is a fresh game, there are barely any topics and even fewer search hits.
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