Any recipes for green/orange/black grass

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User Info: sonic_c_tail

6 years ago#1
That are worth these grass keeping for? All these recipe list i found on the net are incomplete but so far there used for cold medicine and black doesn't even apear at all
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User Info: Bunnywunny

6 years ago#2
grass seems to always be in supply at the pharmacy and plentiful in dungeons and farm so no need to ever save too much of it.

there is a pharmacy recipe for 2 red and 2 green, i believe its just for one of the fertilizers
and cold medicine uses an orange and green

black is a good choice for daria gifts until summer i guess...

some stuff just isn't very useful
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User Info: Northern_Rose

6 years ago#3
2 green + 2 red makes formula A, skill 11, ships for 300$
2 red makes heavy spice, skill 12, sells for 10$ I just use this for grinding skill levels in pharmacy
2 yellow makes Para-gone, skill 14, sells for 150$
1 pruple + 1 blue makes Roundoff, skill 16, sells for 150$
1 orange + 1 green + 1 leek + 1 green pepper makes cold medicine, skill 21, sells for 310$
2 blue + 2 red makes Formula B, skill 28, sells for 500$

in cooking using hand cook,
1 white + 1 green + 1 yellow + 1 blue + 1 purple + 1 medical herb makes relax tealeaves skill 25 cooking.

Havent found a use for black yet other than gifts for Marian, Marjorie and Daria. Im sure it has a use I just havent found it yet lol.

I got my pharmacy level up to 45 with just the herbs I picked off my field. Granted I used ALOT of medical herbs and antodote herbs as well. Eg. 2 medi, 3 medi, 2 anti or 3 anti.

Hope this helps
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  3. Any recipes for green/orange/black grass

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