Can you, or can you not play as a girl?

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6 years ago#1
Hey everyone,

I was wondering, well, two things, actually:

1. Why can you not play as a girl? (I don't understand why they can't make any person within age-range marriageable, and have it so you could choose genders in games like this. I'd have my girl character marry Carlos. :D:D)

2; Would anyone know if there will be a version where you CAN play as a girl? I know they did it for Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.

I just think that it's a bit unfair of Natsume to not consider us too. I mean, we like to play these kinds of games just as much as guys do.

I wonder if it would be worth it to complain in the forums, I highly doubt it.
6 years ago#2
In Rune Factory Oceans you will be able to choose between a female and a male lead.
In most Harvest Moon games on the DS, you can choose.

I think the developers simply found it too hard to create another full storyline as a girl in the lead, being able to marry, fight and everything, because there would be a lot more production (lots of additional script, etc).
But in a common Harvest Moon, it doesn't change as much as in a RF.
So they could make only a female lead, but they didn't.
6 years ago#3
Yeah, everything has already been said. RF has your character actually talking and having a personality and all that. It would be a lot harder to genderbend the game than in a HM game, where the protagonist is typically silent. RFO will be getting around this by putting the boy and girl in one body instead. Don't ask me how that'll work.

(Also Natsume doesn't make the games. Marvelous does.)
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D
6 years ago#4
Awww. :( that's a bit sad, heh.

You know, it would be a lot easier to play as a guy if they didn't make the guys in the game so friggin' hot. Like Carlos. :P What a pixelated body! xDDD
6 years ago#5
I had to go look up who you were talking about, and Carlos is one hunk of a man. Although I'm sure I'd probably like Gadzhi more in the end. :P
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D
6 years ago#6
Yeah!! See? At least do us girls a favor and make the guys ugly so that we don't feel bad!!

Well, at least 'Micah' looks full of estrogen.
6 years ago#7
^ I was kind of amused and horrified when I saw Mice for the first time. First thought: Dude looks like a lady! Second thought: And he turns into a WOOLY? :I

Fanart of Mice in a dress must exist somewhere.
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D
6 years ago#8
Yup. When I saw a gameplay video, just looking at the small portrait on the top-left made me think: Oh, finally a woman lead! But... not.
6 years ago#9
I think Micah is really a woman.

maybe a transvestite? he/she/it is WAY too feminine.
6 years ago#10
By the way, you guys do know that they all have swimsuits in the summer right?

Even the guys.

I think I still have the sprites of them I saved from a forum long ago...
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