So, if RF3 had rival marriage...

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6 years ago#1
...who do you think would marry who? The eligible men in town are Gadzhi/Gaius, Zeze/Zaid, Ondolfa/Ondorus, Rusk, and Carlos, and I'm sure you know the girls already.

I think Ondolfa would be with Kururufa, Zeze with either Marion or Dahlia, Gadzhi with either Toona/Raven or Sophia, Carlos with either Toona or Persia/Pia, and Rusk with Sakuya.

Ondolfa with Kururufa seems pretty obvious, but it also makes sense. They're both unicorn people, intelligent, and mature. They're also childhood friends.

Now the others were a little harder. Zeze is somewhat hot-blooded, so I could seem him with one of weirdos in town. Carlos is hinted at having a crush on Toona, anyway, but Persia is a fish girl, and I could totally see their combined idiocy leading to some very funny events. :P

Now, Gadzhi. The obvious option would be Toona, but they're more family than anything else, so it'd feel a little weird putting Toona together with someone she described as being "her dad". :/ So, I decided he'd work with Sophia. He, in the game, has a crush on Elisa/Evelyn, so maybe he would like her sister as well. His gentle personality and her haughty yet sweet personality would mesh well.

The tough one is Rusk. I can't think of one girl in particular that would go well with him, so I just picked Sakuya. I don't know why.

Who do you think they would end up with?
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6 years ago#2
Its actually hinted in the game that Zaid likes Karuna so I think he would be a more likely rival but then I suppose the other horn guy (can't spell his name) wouldn't really be a rival to anyone then.

There are also a couple of times when you talk to Carlos that it sounds like he loves shara or raven but then he clarifies.

Gauis is clearly in love with evenlyn but if he had to be a rival it would probably be for Karina or sakuya instead of Raven because Raven says she sees him as a father.
6 years ago#3
^ I know Zeze has a crush on Kururufa, but I can't see her ever liking him back. Their personalities just don't go together well.
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6 years ago#4

When Kuruna visits for the Unity festival she an Rusk have alot in common with their love of cake/sweet stuff. Not sure if that's couple material but just putting it out there. Really wish this game had rival events.
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6 years ago#5
^ Never thought of it like that... Heck, Rusk and Kururufa could have some sort of Mai and Chihaya thing going on where Kururufa falls in love with Rusk's cooking, and then eventually Rusk himself, while Rusk is initially annoyed by Kururufa but starts to fall in love with her over time, too.

...That could actually work. o_O And that leaves Ondolfa open... Maybe he could be with Toona? They would actually make a pretty cute couple if you ask me... And imagine the children!
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6 years ago#6
Wouldn't Gaius marry Evelyn?
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6 years ago#7
^ Rival marriage would require him to be paired up with one of the bachelorettes.
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D
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