Favorite Character Basara Quote? Least Favorite?

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This is the second topic in my series of favorite quote topics.

To check out the death quotes: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/961301-sengoku-basara-samurai-heroes/57089351

Now for the Basara quotes:
Ieyasu Tokugawa-"May my fists unite all!....One day we'll be as one!"
Mitsunari Ishida-"I dare you! Hurt me if you can!...I lay my sins to waste!"
Yoshitsugu Otani-"May misery rain down upon us all!...That is how I champion my rage!"
Magoichi Saica-"Sharpen your claws, Crows of Saica!...This is our way!"
Kanbe Kuroda-"Any last words?...I guess it didn't work"
Tsuruhime-"I can see all; now and forever!...PERFECT!"
Masamune Date-"How'd you like to feel some dragon claws RIPPING YOUR FLESH?...You won't get rid of those anytime soon!"
Yukimura Sanada-"Like a whirlpool, shall the spirit of fire turn!...In the wake of my demise, may you still continue!"
Keiji Maeda-"All I do, I do in the name of love!...And always will no matter what!"
Motochika Chosokabe-"I will do anything in the name of justice!...There is no man whose hands are not guilty of something!"
Motonari Mori-"You are the warriors who battle beneath the sun!...Oh glorious sun, bless our army."
Yoshihiro Shimazu-"You will now see what the south is made of!...That's how we do it."
Tadakatsu Honda-"...!......!"
Kotaro Fuma-"........."
Oichi-"Come together AND WITNESS MY DREAM!...Open abyss, into the mouth of hell"
Nobunaga Oda-"Let the flames of my wrath scorch these lands!...I pave the path to judgment day"

Hideaki Kobayakawa-"Don't make me want to hurt you!...I'M SORRY I didn't mean it!"
Tenkai-"Let the ghosts disappear into the night!...Most adequate"
Yoshiaki Mogami-"Prepare to be enchanted by my charm!...Now is that not a work of art?"
Muneshige Tachibana-"Let the thunder roar!...May lightning strike you down!"
Kojuro Katakura-"The moon dies in the eastern skies at DAWN!...It is time to wait!"
Sasuke Sarutobi-"This is how I do my Sarutobi dance!...I came up with that myself"
Kenshin Uesugi-"A frost shall overtake you!...May the ice shatter your soul!"
Kasuga-"I am the darkness that will swallow you whole!...I shall return to Lord Kenshin!"
Toshiie Maeda-"Toshiie rules the battlefield!...Who's next?"
Matsu-"Protect us Jiromaru!...That was wonderful!"
Ujimasu Hojo-"What wonderous power I will conjure!...What did you think of that?"

Note: Sorin Otomo and Kanetsugu Naoe do not have a Basara attack

For the other NPCs, if you know what they say please add it in. All I have for them is their intro.
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Hideaki Kobayakawa-"Don't make me want to hurt you!...I'M SORRY I didn't mean it!"
Hideaki all the way.
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Nobunaga's or Oichi. Those are so badass.
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I like Oichi's Ultimate Basara quote the best. Sounds awesome with her demonic voice.

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From: Megiddo_Flare | #004
Let me hear you SCREAM! Let me see you ROT!

I thought it was "Let me hear you SCREAM! Let me see you WRITHE!".
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Kanbe Kuroda's was just made of cool.
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From: saintsfan damnbirds | #001
Kanbe Kuroda-"Any last words?...I guess it didn't work"

Eh? Is this supposed to be "Maybe I'll break this thing! ...I guess it didn't work."
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Oichi has my vote for this one ;P

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Yukimara and Ieyasu get my votes for my favorite.

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