JashinSamael's Info compilation v0.13

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6 years ago#1
Basic: Status and Equipment
Menu Translation
Aragami List
Damage Calculation Guide (incomplete)
Consumable Item Guide
Enhancement Parts List
Ability Translation
Bullet Edit Guide
Custom Bullet
Tips n Tricks

please check it out ^^

PDF ver

DOCX ver

hope it's help.....
feel free to give me critics or suggestions.....
6 years ago#2
Oh here it is, thank you very much, Two Thumbs Up..
6 years ago#3
sweet thanks
6 years ago#4
BTW, do you know where to get the some of the (M) control bullets? I am missing some.. Especially the one where the control sphere spawns on top /side/ below the enemy.. o.o
6 years ago#5
LOL, you even put the money making strat on your guide, btw the bullet customization will really help the people who don't have time experimenting on bullet effects..
6 years ago#6
all off bullet effects on bullet edit will be unlocked after certain mission.....
and i haven't see bullet effects you mentioned yet..... and it's not even mentioned at the wiki....
maybe you should ask someone who already beat the game.... sorry... can't help...
6 years ago#7
This is awesome, thank you!
6 years ago#8
Yeah , I don't see it in the bullet/effect list on the wiki as well..

btw here is a link http://www21.atwiki.jp/godeater-wiki/pages/53.html

If you use google translate , the second one from the bottom, (translated as mogurabaretto) , it is the control bullet there, on the third line.. o.o

Anyways, you haven't beaten the game yet? Well I haven't beaten it at least I'm stuck at rank 10, where both rindou's sister and the professor have blue highlighted words on their conversation..

I'm trying to beat all the DLC mission , so far only weapons/shields are being added, no new new bullet effects yet..
6 years ago#9
wow.... you're already beat it? congrats ^^
i still at rank 7.... many things to do so i can't play so often and most of time i tinkering with custom bullets :)

btw, about mogurabullet (or maybe mole bullet? :))
instead of looking that seemingly non-existant control sphere, why not use short-time tracking sphere instead? it's also worked.... i just tried it....

btw i don't know that sphere can damage enemy O_o
maybe i should also tinkering with that..... i only used control sphere as semi-homing device and sticky sphere to stick at the enemy and shoot several bullets
6 years ago#10
Yeah I know, but I think it's the control sphere used in those youtube videos most people are so envious about.. I'm trying hard to make those bullets, coz a lot of people are asking about it..
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