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7 years ago#1
So I just got this one and I am happy to say that it has 1080i/p support. I have no idea if it is just upscaled 720p, but it looks very nice. After Imabikisou was released with only 720p support this is quite pleasing : )

It also has trophies, if you are into that sort of thing.

Gameplay so far has been identical to the Wii version, save for the lack of the email service that was part of the game along with WiiConnect 24. (This service is sadly now over.) The biggest differences are that I run into a few title safe issues on my CRT due to the higher resolution on PS3 and the PS3 version allows you to adjust screen brightness in game.

As for the quality, the PS3 version is markedly better, although you might not notice right away. I run the Wii in 480p and the PS3 in 1080i on my 1080i native CRT. I was really surprised how good 428 looked on the Wii when I first got it, so I didn't really think the PS3 version was much different as I initially played it. It seemed a little crisper, but my good memories of the Wii version were clouding my judgement. However, once I checked out the Wii version again I instantly noticed it was not as crisp. So I put both games on the same screen and cycled the inputs and discovered that the PS3 version has almost no artifacts, and is a lot cleaner overall. Even the text just really pops on the PS3 version. (It might be unfair to compare such different resolutions, but I am comparing the highest vertical resolutions each version is capable of.)

As a side note, the new Spike logo animation is really cool. I do miss the full screen animation of the 428 tape from the Wii on the PS3, as it just appears in the small thumbnail area when the disc is inserted on PS3.

All in all the PS3 version is definitely the version to get if you want or like 428. The high res images and lessened artifacting are huge reasons to go PS3, and if that is not enough then remember that the game is region free on PS3 : )

I am not saying there is anything wrong with the Wii release, just if you have the choice go PS3. Back when the WiiConnect 24 service was running it might have been more of a toss up, but considering that most of the game is still images or movies the higher clarity of the PS3 version makes it the winner.

I would also like to urge people to avoid this game if they do not understand Japanese. The story is very important, and while the images are pretty, it seems like the game would be very boring and frustrating at times to a non-Japanese speaker.
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7 years ago#2
Loc? Did you play the full game? I have a question that's really been burning me up.

Why didn't Alfardo just have Tanaka steal the vaccine, blow up the lab and then dispose of him later? Basically, why didn't she just do what Kanno said during the rooftop confrontation?
qɓ ΊpBɞΗBӒnʂ΋Bepɐl̐͏Z݂ɂ B[[Ėڟ,
7 years ago#3

Sadly I am only at the second chapter. (12:00 I think) I am trying to find time to play, but Gundam and ODST kept dragging me away.

I will definitely let you know what I think when I get that far.

By the way, do you think this game is worth a perfect score? I cannot say that I do. Personally, I thought Imabikisou was much better. I do like the character changes in 428, but it seems really limited in animation and audio, even for a sound novel.
Anyone can shoot a gun. But can you steer a bullet?
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7 years ago#4
No, probably not a perfect score. I skipped Imabikisou because it got panned pretty badly by the reviewers, and I didn't like Otogirisou to begin with. But the photographs and soundtrack is completely amazing IMHO. Tama's theme, Sitayanagi's theme, Achi's theme and the main theme are all great tracks. The ambient sounds in Osawa's scenario are amazingly well done as well. In fact, I'd say that the main scenario is extremely well written and engrossing. The problem is that one of the bonus scenarios is painfully bad.

Well, if you liked Imabikisou, you should really give the original Kamaitachi No Yoru a shot. My favorite game in the sound novel series is Machi, which is kind of like 428 with protagonist switching, but instead of being about a single incident, it's 8 separate stories, each a different genre. I kind of consider the 40 from Famitsu really in tribute to Machi than for 428 itself.

Still 428 is an amazing game, even if there are a few other games in the genre slightly better than it.
qɓ ΊpBɞΗBӒnʂ΋Bepɐl̐͏Z݂ɂ B[[Ėڟ,
7 years ago#5
>if you liked Imabikisou, you should really give the original Kamaitachi No Yoru a shot.

I enjoyed the sequels as well... despite the sub-par main scenario of Kamaitachi no Yoru 2...

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