Finally got around to finishing the game. *SPOILERS*

#1podracer35Posted 10/6/2012 2:37:11 PM
Somehow, I've managed to have my copy for two weeks, and have only NOW gotten my first ending. I'll just dump my reactions and all that into this topic as progress to the eventual end.

I just kindly request that even though spoilers have been marked in the topic title, that you please tag spoilers (like this) that pertain to any endings that I haven't gotten yet. Thanks! ^.^

I've been spoiled on what the different endings are, just not what exactly happens. I know there's the Coffin ending, and for the longest time while i was in the Chapel, I could have sworn I got that, even though i know I didn't go through Door 1 on purpose. (Thank you for the tip, Storm) I know Ace, Lotus and Santa either Betray or kill Jumpei at some point? And that June is behind everything somehow Marking that spoiler just in case because it is a pretty big reveal. But still, even though I've been spoiled, it has actually created a lot more suspense and tension since I know what might happen, but not what will, exactly.

Anyways, I got the Knife ending and woah... WTF just happened? I mean... I know I died and all, but the mystery behind my killer being left unknown was just... painful. :/ I'm guessing it was Clover, but I really don't have a clue why she went after Jumpei and Lotus. I help her escape from a burning room and this is how she thanks me? huh... I know who I'm betraying on my first playthrough of Virtue's Last Reward. >.> Hopefully there's more to it than meets the eye... Clover seems like a decent enough girl. Losing you beloved big brother can do some crazy s*** to your mind... It just breaks my heart though that I'm just sad that Kanny and Jumpy had to be separated so brutally! O.O haha

The writing is top notch and really entertaining, it makes me glad to know that Sigma is a lot like Jumpei with his puns and jokes. The Elevator scene and The Funyarinpa are especially worth noting. ;) I'm looking forward to getting my mind blown a few more times, especially once I'm at the True Ending. i thought the suspense would leave once I was spoiled on a few details, but there's more of it than ever!

For my next playthrough, I got a question... Do I select "Continue" or "Begin with Memories"? I think both should do the same thing, but I want to be sure. I'm going to go for the rest of the bad endings except Coffin, and then go to Safe, and then True.

Also, just another question, before I wrap this up. Story Checks are contained in one playthrough only, right? Like I can't just fulfill a few of them in one playthrough, then another few in the final playthrough and get the True ending, right?
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#2PurpleMasterPosted 10/6/2012 5:20:49 PM
Glad you got that ending! It's probably the most uncerwhelming, once you see th others!
As for your questions:
1) Either Begin or Continue is ok right now! Begin is used when you screw up during the game. For example, you choose door 1, then save, then remember you shouldn't have done it!!! So, instead of going on, you select Begin with memories. You keep everything read up until that moment and start the game from the beginning.
2) Story checks must be done on the True playthrough, because they're valid only on one playthrough!
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So.... Submarine Ending.... WHAT THE HELL?!?

Like, before I even get to what the f*** just happened, Seven... Lotus's children. PLEASE Tell me we see more about them! Like holy crap that reveal had me freaking out! Lotus's daughters were kidnapped for the experiment, which I'm guessing was similar to the Nonary game... At least, that's the only real link I can sense. But Whaaaa? Seriously, what the hell is going on?

And then Kanny's death... Like T__T Man that was just too sad! And then there's a matter of the tenth person on board, and why the killed everyone. Was it Zero? Someone entirely different? The 9th man? Snake? Did they somehow survive exploding? Was there someone else with the 9th man that had told him to hop into the room alone at the start? Was that the person who went and killed everyone?


And PurpleMaster, just to be sure, following this chart: describes the story checks appropriately, right? I just want to make sure I'm following the right guide before I get to my True End playthrough.
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#4PurpleMasterPosted 10/7/2012 1:21:55 PM
You're getting my exact endings! :)
Yes, the story checks are correct! I suggest you do Axe before Safe, it's worth it!
And this is just the beginning!!! Do you hear more about Seven and the kidnapped children? Heh... Who knows??? :)
You will know who killed you in these bad endings. Actually, many people just didn't realize that, since it's not like Junpei says: So it was YOU who killed me in the sub ending! Ha!
But it's heavily implied and confirmed by the creator!
Good luck with Axe, we'll see if you get traumatized by it as many people here!
And, I repeat: this is just the beginning!!!!
#5ekamownPosted 10/7/2012 1:46:50 PM
I hope you won't get insomnia after you get Axe.
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#6podracer35(Topic Creator)Posted 10/7/2012 2:01:35 PM
Ugh... Yeah, the endings are just so crazy! I'm re-reading the game script for the Knife and Sub endings (being especially careful to avoid any other endings.) And there's a few connections like Lotus dying and having her bracelet stolen... What? Ugh...

Man.. i have so much work to do still and I've drained a lot my weekend into this so far... Good to know I have just the Axe and Safe ending before getting to the True Ending. It shouldn't take too long to get there. The puzzles are surprisingly quick for most rooms.

PurpleMaster posted...
Good luck with Axe, we'll see if you get traumatized by it as many people here!

ekamown posted...
I hope you won't get insomnia after you get Axe.

Okay guys... Don't tempt me! :P Heh, I'll probably go for the Axe Ending next time I play, which should be either Tuesday or Wednesday. I'd go for Axe tonight if I could, but it sounds like I might not sleep too well after getting it. Sadly, gotta wake up early tomorrow and prep for a Tuesday Exam.

But after that it's pretty much Pokemon White 2 and This that will take over (Sort of, I still have homework here and there, but pshhh Homework. Who does that stuff?) Aw man.... This game has me severely hyped! I just can't wait!!!
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#7PurpleMasterPosted 10/7/2012 2:22:01 PM
Argh, Pokemon Black and White 2! My says that they'll arrive by 19th October. They had to come THIS close to VLR! I'll play White 2 until I get VLR... Then.. Bye, Pokemon! Been nice knowing ya!
#8podracer35(Topic Creator)Posted 10/7/2012 3:07:58 PM
^ Haha. Yeah, I was going to buy Pokemon off of Amazon, but I figured the best option would be to drive to gamestop on the way back from my exam. No wait, and no shipping fees. ;)

VLR is gonna come to my house by halloween or earlier, depending on when it ships. My estimated ship date is Oct 18- Oct 25. I don't know when in that range it will ship, but the sooner, the better. :)
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#9RinkuTanukiPosted 10/7/2012 5:35:47 PM
From: ekamown | #005
I hope you won't get insomnia after you get Axe.

Y'all need to play some Corpse Party if you thought that that was bad.
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Just finish this game for the first time...everyone death......