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3 years ago#1
After defeating prominence for the first time i went to recruit burn in the light house but when i fight with me his gk blocks all of my shot without even using a hissatsu i used g2 moves which he blocked easily
3 years ago#2
Pick your best striker with highest Kick and best move like Shawn with Legendary Wolf, etc. If your shots are easily saved, then you need to raise his Kick (either level up or use the individual training / training facility).

Burn / Gazelle isn't the hardest, about around 80ish Kick will do... but if you try to recruit Bellatrix, then prepare to go higher than 100 Kick.
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3 years ago#3

It's not really needed to have those kick levels

When u use g4 moves it will be enough. Axel and Shawn were just lvl 45 and shot through burnout with aprhodite as support

3 years ago#4
Can u tell me which g4 move should i use and can u tell me the location of prominence gk
3 years ago#5
Eh, 80ish kick is enough? Weird, my Froste is level 64 with 140 kick (Maximum), I have Aphrodi with Shot Force, and Froste is equipped with Critical. Even when I get a critical shot the GK still catches it with his bare hands. Wolf Legend is L5. I'm guessing recruiting Grent was a mistake.

And you say Bellatrix is harder? I've come to the conclusion that isn't possible.
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3 years ago#6
Try using different players to shoot. Critical is based on chance, so you might have more luck equipping Big Moves! instead. Don't hesitate to use items in case you run out of TP. I remember scoring easily with Ken Mayfield (equipped with Big Moves, a high-TP shot move, and some Kick training at Nara Deer Park).

Bellatrix is harder but only 1 battle.
Hey Cloud what's with the silent-cool guy thing?
~ Well, i'm hungry......
3 years ago#7
I just trained my Axel to max Kick (138) and Fireball Storm L5 so I could take on the Forest element GK's yet it's still not good? What level are these people?!?

Edit: WHAAAT??? You will never guess what just happened. I was using Froste and the GK was Bomber and my shot went in easily w/o critical twice. On my last shot it was a critical and he ended up saving it? He then passed it to someone who scored... I'm about to rage quit.
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3 years ago#8
they werent bad to recruit , only bellatrix was hell
burn was easy with god break g4 and aphrodite with 115 kick
axel with 132 kick , fireball storm g5
and samford kick 111 w/ emperor penguin n1 g3
3 years ago#9
Woah...I tried again and recruited him in one try, all I used were normal kicks. Same thing for Bellatrix, beat Nero easily with normal kicks. Sense, makes none.
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3 years ago#10
No, it's just that you overleveled.
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