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Available now at Club Nintendo for 250 coins, is it worth it? (Archived)
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silverwings21132/16 7:55PM
Can this be transferred to a Wii U along with my VC collection? (Archived)mechagoukuma17/8/2014
Is it possible to transfer my Doc Louis game to my new Wii? (Archived)Charftino112/25/2011
Is it still possible to get this game somehow? nt (Archived)Darkraiomb210/10/2010
Anyone want to buy my download code? (Archived)parlando2216/30/2010
i have a question regarding 2010 elite status (Archived)VideoGameFre4k24/9/2010
worth $10? (Archived)blooperboy0111/23/2010
Great reward for finishing "Sparring" mode...if only.... (Archived)gilgamesh2151/2/2010
I think this sums up everyone that chose Doc Louis' Punch Out over the Mario hat (Archived)pug_wishbone212/31/2009
how many blocks? (Archived)emperor922312/25/2009
I like how this is Nintendo's version of DLC (Archived)
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Proof mario hats are sold in stores (Archived)djruden511/25/2009
How does fighting Doc compare to other fights? (Archived)HaRRicH111/21/2009
what's the size of this game? (Archived)MaGnUmKiLLa111/15/2009
Is this game supposed to NOT save? (Archived)
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i need help with something on punch out (Archived)IronPunchm211/13/2009
Did this cost anything? (Archived)feeyo23311/11/2009
Not Bad (Archived)
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Just got an email a few minutes ago (Archived)not_my_pope311/5/2009
"That was a big mosquito!" (Archived)skawo93511/5/2009
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