It's a tad too easy

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User Info: ixnay

7 years ago#1
I just 100%ed Easy in less than an hour. Expect the same time in Normal. I hope there's a Hard mode to unlock with 180 Stars in Normal because nothing has been a challenge. The screen actually moves next to the items........ .......

User Info: WHOAMi123

7 years ago#2
I started out on Normal, its a bit of a challenge, specially if you aiming for 5 stars on each challenge, I've been barely making the cut each time with 5 stars.

User Info: Bear_in_Action

7 years ago#3
yea, play it on Normal, and try to aim at earning 5 stars... it's not that easy. Easy mode, on the other hand, is just what it says... it's easy.

User Info: ixnay

7 years ago#4
I guess Normal was easy to get 5 stars on because I played Easy first. I've nearly finished Normal now with 5 stars. I'm just praying for a Hard with no "estimate area" box during play.

User Info: DustyShouri

7 years ago#5
The dark black outlines that don't blend well don't really help. Not to mention a lot of the times they were stuck right out in the open, sometimes right where you start.

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